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*Commercial Game*

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I know we have had this game before and it was fun so I thought I would bring it back! I will start by giving the words to a commercial or jingle for a product. You give the product and if its right give the next jingle or commercial!!

____, It's all in the mix!!
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umm..could it be

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OKay how about

"Silly Rabbit _______ are for kids"
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Excuse, it's my Mother calling. I'll put her on speaker phone
post #5 of 12 so easy even a caveman can do it!
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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post so easy even a caveman can do it!
Hey, where is your commercial???
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"Kibbles and ____, ____, ____"
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bits and bits and bits.
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I'm going to post, if that's okay with Loki'sMom.

Ho-ho-ho, Jolly ____ ____!
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Green Giant!

"Wherever I go, whatever I see, becomes a _____ _____ to me!"
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Tootsie Roll To me!

You're In Good Hands ______ ______
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With Allstate

"I'd like to buy the world a _________...."
(For those of you who need a hint...think Christmas commercials, with a ton of people coming together singing, and drinking____)
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