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Wish me Luck

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A while ago my manager agreed that I could start doing most my work from home, seeing as I already have all the computer requirments and I actually do more at home.

So Richard and I discussed making another addition to the family ( in the pet sense not a baby!) and agreed that we would rather foster for the Cats Protection Legue , where we got Corky.

We went down to an open day and the member's of the CPL were fairy excited we wanted to foster, as they have a shortage, so we have a woman coming over today to do all the home check, questions ect.

So please keep your fingers crossed that the CPl like us

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Good luck!
I'm sure they'll be impressed.
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WOW!! That is fantastic that you want to Foster kitties!
You will make out just fine!
Let us know how many you get and when!!
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That's so great-- for you and especially for the kittens you foster. Don't get too attached now, or you'll have to get a bigger house!
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Unfortuantly the home visitor couldn't make it today so I will have to wait until monday now.

I am worried about becoming to attached but CPL do discourage adopting them yourselfs so I am sure I will have plent of other volenteers to talk to when it come's to rehoming them
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Wishing you lots of luck! That is a very admirable thing to do!!! (not sure if I spelled that right.) I hope it works out!!
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I had the home visitorcome over and we have passedwith flying colours.

We should be expecting the 1st foster cat within a week or so

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That's great, Wibble! Good for you! We want to hear all about the kittens.
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That's wonderful! You will be helping so many wonderful cats, I'm sure. You are truly and angel for opening your home to these babies, and give them a chance at a good furrever home.
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Marie - that's great! I do voluntary marketing work for my local CP and it's such a worthwhile cause - huge benefit is that they have a complete no-kill policy for healthy animals.

It is a danger - getting attached to the caats. My Mum adopted a CP foster cat several weeks ago, and the lady who'd had Tanya for 6 months was in tears when we left.

I think it's only normal to get attached.

Are they putting a pen in your garden, or will the foster cat live inside your home?
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Yay. Well done
What a great thing to be doing.
I guess you can't help but become attached. I know I would. But I'm sure you will get used to it and be fine.
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Thanks everyone,

They did offer me a pen, but I said I would rather have them in the house, seeing as we have the room. The good thing is now will be at home it means me and Richard can divide our time fairly evenly between our ctas and the foster cats.

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Marie, I haven't had much time the past few days, so I haven't been in The Lounge. I'm so sorry I missed this earlier - but you didn't need my prayers! YIIPPPEEEEEE!!!!

I REALLY admire you people who foster. I could never do it. I'd get too attached, I'd be too worried about where they're going. It takes really special people. How wonderful all the way around!


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Best of luck to you! I am sure that they will LOVE an like you! Please keep us posted.
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