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My baby TINK needs some VIBES....

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She is going in tomorrow morning to be fixed!! Yay!! And just in time because she just went into heat for the 1st time a couple of days ago. We have had to be very careful with her because she keeps trying to ecscape!!! So less than 24 hours to go...
But please everyone... send my little STINKY TINKY... some "Do good tomorrow" AND some "Be a big, brave girl" vibes
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Lots of good vibes for Stinky Tinky!! She'll come through just fine you'll see. but if your like the rest of us, you won't rest easy until she's back home with you!
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Lots of do good tomorrow vibes being sent for you and Tink...
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awww bless Little Tink, I am sure shes gonna be a brave girl and the vet is gonna be just great for her

Heres some soothing & calming (=(=(=(=( vibes )=)=)=)=) for Tink

Let us know how she goes on
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Sending lots of vibes for your sweet baby Tink.
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Sure thing! Many ((you will do fine)) vibes headed to Stinky.....

She will do just fine mama.
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Sending many be brave vibes for her{{{}}} She will be just fine
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I'm sending you good vibrations {{{{{{}}}}}}} I am sure everything will go just fine for both of oyu!
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Lot's of (((((((((((healthy vibes))))))))))))) heading Tinks way. Let us know how she does
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Hope all goes well at the vet!
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I am sending you some good spay vibes for tomarrow hope all goes well
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Sending "be brave" vibes to BOTH of you!

I'm sure all will go well. Let Tinky know she's going to feel great and be so happy after her scary day......

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Awwwww... thanks everyone!!
Well, she is THERE.... and I am HERE.... I was a little nervous because #1. She is my baby girl and its normal to be nervous for things like this. And #2. I took her to a different vet than what I always go to. My vet couldnt spay her until March 16 and well, with her trying to ecscape and all... I really needed to get her fixed ASAP. So I took a chance. Of course, I have heard tons of wonderful things about htis vet. Well when I dropped her off this morning... I fell in complete love with this vet! The veternairian is AWESOME and CARING and everyone of the workers were amazing!! And another thing... they are $40.00 cheaper to fix her than my vet....
So thats the story so far..... I will let everyone know how she is when I pick her up at 4:00.
Ya'll are AWESOME!! Love each one of you!!! Thanks!
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Awww bless her little cotton socks, she'll be back home in no time
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Okay everyone... a quick update on my Stinky Tinky.... I had to pick her up later than expected because she wasnt waking up fast. So I went and got her. She hasnt wanted anything to eat or drink. Which does worry me. Her
3rd eyelids are out and Garfield HATES HER NOW!!! What is up with that?!?! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Someone give me some comforting news!!! I am very worried about her! Should I be?
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She may just be slow recovering from the anasthetic. I know Löki was. If she's still out of it tomorrow, you might want to have the vet check her over again.
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It's normal for cat's to not get along after vet visits, it's because she smells different.
I would separate them for a little bit while she heals.
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
It's normal for cat's to not get along after vet visits, it's because she smells different.
I would separate them for a little bit while she heals.
Ohhhhh, ok!! Well I had them seperated all night while we slept. I went out and bought a new little box to make her a litter box for my room and put food and water in my room and she stayed in there away from the others last night.

She is eating a little this morning.

The other cats are still not acting like the little women and little gentleman that I know they really are.

But I will give them more time.

Now another question I have is.... Why did this vet use staples to close it up? My vet always used stitches. These staples look more painful. Are they?
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just checking in.........glad you have her home ....hopefully all will be well with the other kits and you will be one big happy family agian

I dont know about staples like you mentioned I would have thought they are not as easy to take out like stitches, but your vet has used them for a they look rigid ? or are they some new type ? I am sure your vet will explain why they used them.
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