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Pepper sneezes too much

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Pepper has been a “sneezer†ever since I got her. She will be 3 months old on March 1. Her eyes are clear; she does not have a runny nose and seems completely fine otherwise. The vet even said there was nothing to worry about. However, she sneezes WAY more than Misty and Claire. At first I thought it was just because she was sniffing so much since she was in a new place with new smells. However, she’s been in the house with total access to everything for more than 5 weeks now and the sneezing hasn’t stopped/slowed. We’ve changed food and litter, no difference. I’m just not sure what it could be. Any thoughts? Does this seem worrying to anyone else or am I just a paranoid Meowmy? Do some cats just sneeze more than others?
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She could just have a very mild URI, though usually those will clear up in a couple of weeks sometimes a bit longer. My cats rarely sneeze so I am not too sure about if some cats just sneeze for the heck of it, or maybe there's something else in the house making her sneeze?
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I don't know much about sneezing...but it could be caused by a slight URI as kitties can catch colds. It's funny, but they do catch colds...I'm an internet research kind of girl so here's an informative site. Hope it helps. Lots of love for your baby.

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Maybe it is because of her name? Sorry about that but pepper makes me sneeze like crazy. It does not bother DW in the least. And I think cats are just like people, some cats are just different. Persi sneezes a lot but Alley never does. Could it be that Persi is allergic to his own long hair? It seems like your cat is healthy enough. Some other things that I have heard of though includes the changing of filters in the central heating system. Many people forget these things need to be changed often and could very definately affect some but not others.
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