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Karma karma karma!

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Hi everyone! I haven't been around much lately since I was moved from overnight to day's, which is good, wonderful, and awesome, but I'm working a lot more now. I certainly hope everyone is well, and I'll play catch-up as soon as I can.

What I wanted to say is, I believe in karma, and I did my bit of good karma yesterday!! We got new couches yesterday, and when the truck showed up, this dog showed up. A lovely little red/golden chow mix, and he was so sweet. Lo and behold, this dog has a collar, with a rabies tag for 2007, with the name of the actual vet hospital that gave it to him. I called the vet, and she asked for the ID number, and asked what kind of dog it was. I told her, and she's like "wait, does he have a blue collar?" Well, as a matter of fact he does. "OMGOSH!" Evidently his owner called the vet's this morning saying the dog got out yesterday, and just wanted to find out if anyone had called. She says "I'll call you back!" Not 5 minutes later, this guy calls back, finds out where I am, and says he will be there asap. He shows up and the dog is wagging his tail like crazy and he's like "DADDY!!" The guy lives nearly 2, maybe 3 miles from me. The poor dear was sooo tired he didn't even want to walk to the car. The guy said thank you, and he was gone. He didn't speak english very well, a heavy russian kind of accent.

Anyway, it makes you realize how important it is to keep a tag on your dog, or cat at all times. There are nice people out there that will help to reunite you both if something were to happen. I still feel good about it, and what a way to start the week.
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I am so happy that this puppy was reunited with his family.. Great job..
I have done this before with a dog that was running loose in my area, and yes he had his rabies tag on, that it was from my vets office, so I called and the dog lives only a few doors down from me...so now, my pets have a new dog friend to visit every now and again for a play date.
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That is great that the pup got reunited with its owner!
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That's great, Its so nice to hear that a dog got back to his owners and you were right on the ball calling the right people. I am so glad it's a happy story!
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that is so great to u isnt always great reuniting animals with their owners. we got to do that over the summer and it was great and well then our willie went missing and luckily someone turned him into the shelter and well he is microschipped so I agree that there is Karma
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