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One of those dreams...

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So I had this dream that I was taking a super important test and it was on one of those scantrons (long rectangular piece of paper with the little dots you fill in with a #2 pencil). I was just about to answer the last question to the exam when I noticed I ran out of spaces to fill in and there was only a minute left. Then I notice none of the dots for #1 were filled, I had accidentally started filling in from #2 so my entire scantron was shifted one number. I was frantically trying to erase and fill in the correct bubbles and I hear beep, beeP, beEP, bEEP, BEEP, BEEEEP!, BEEEEEEPPP!!!. and my alarm woke me up. Haha, the most hilarious thing was, when I woke up I was frantically looking for my book bag and getting ready for class until I realized where I was and that I haven't had class in 2 years.
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Too funny! I can relate to the frantic feeling upon waking up though. I've had similar moments myself and what a feeling of panic.
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wow, you could read all sorts into that dream...........have you to complete something to a timescale, or are you expected to do something for someone that you are worried about ?.......ummm all very interesting !!
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Not that it's too hard to figure out but,

At least you're not dreaming that you suddenly have more baby turtles to care for.
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