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Originally Posted by urbantigers View Post
3 meals a day here. Jaffa has 3 meals of wet and Mosi has 2 wet (one with a bit of dry sprinkled on top) and 1 of dry. But he'll be on all wet soon.

They get fed at about 7am, 5pm and 11pm. At the moment they're actually having 4 meals as supper has been put back (Jaffa has a vomiting problem if he goes too long without food and was struggling to last from supper til breakfast) but they still expect something at their old supper time so are currently having a small snack of dry at about 9pm then their proper supper at about 11pm. I intend to get rid of that and have supper at about 10-10.30 pm instead.
I've found myself going from 2 meals, to 3 and sometimes 4 - because of Leopold. He has a similar problem to Jaffa. Like I said, when he was on mainly dry food, he would vomit pretty often. With mainly wet now, he hardly ever vomits. BUT - I've noticed that not too long after he starts begging I see him licking his lips like he's nauseated. If I go ahead and let him eat a little, he doesn't vomit - AT ALL. If I make him wait, then when it's finally time to eat he will vomit later. It's become very predictable...but since I've catered to his 'needs' to avoid the vomiting, he's getting chunky!! I'm going to ask the vet.

Originally Posted by JellyBella View Post
We have 3 scheduled meals. 2 wet (or raw), 1 dry. I would love to be able to leave food out (Stanley is a grazer), but Bella has to lick every bowl clean and she vomits if she eats too much too fast.

The dry does move slower than the wet. My husband puts out 1/3 cup for each when he leaves for work and 7 hours later when I come home there's usually a few pieces of dry in each dish. Stan is such a dry food addict, I have to sprinkle 2-3 pieces of kibble on the wet food to get his nose in the bowl.
I know the feeling, Beandip is a dry food addict. He comes running at mealtimes...but I think he just likes the ritual. I put the canned food in front of him and he just looks at it. He'd probably eat the whole can if I hand fed him . Usually if I offer him a bite on my finger he'll stay and eat a bit more on his own...but he just acts like he doesn't care for it. I've been trying some premade raw out on him and fortunatlely, he loves it! So that's progress for my dry food addict.
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I free feed dry and give a wet meal for supper in the evenings.
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Jamie gets a measured amount of dry food (his favorite) at 5 a.m., and canned food at 5 p.m..
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Two meals a day - morning and evening with a few snacks of cheese, etc. during the inbetween times.

Charlie did get some extra during the day when we first got him - but he's 6 months old now and he steals some of Ling's food (growing boy I guess).
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Free feed all day of dry food - and usually I give them wet food every second day. They used to get just dry food, but since I've started giving them wet food the're coats are a lot shinier and they seem to like it better this way
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Humble gets 3/4 cup of dry food to lat all day. Usually he does not eat it all.

Shenandoah gets 1 small can of Fancy Feast a day, spread out over 2 meals.

He also has access to dry food.
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since i'm gone all day, i free feed dry kibble [chicken soup brand]. Java & Pixel eat only that. Cable & Chip eat it, too, but also get meow mix wet in the evenings. same for the ferals.
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My guys get fed twice a day, a mix of wet and dry both times (carefully measured out according to the vet's instructions, because Oz needs to lose weight and Spike, with his high energy levels, needs all the calories he can get). I'd love to be able to free-feed my kitties, but Oz eats whatever you put in front of him (he used to be a stray and we can't get it into his thick head that there will always be food, so he wolfs it all down right away in case he's never, ever fed again). I think Spike would also eat everything you put in front of him, but only because he knows that if he doesn't eat it, Oz will.
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Mine get two meals of wet food a day, plus a small "bedtime snack" of dry food.
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Morning and evening, and when my s.o. either goes to or comes home from work depending on which shift he's on. Then whenever else she wants if we're around.
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My cats were fed twice a day.
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My boys get free fed dry.

Every now and then they will get sardines, tuna, salmon, or wet food. Not wet food very often, as it gives Gordito and Orion the poopies.
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