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Jeanie - you forgot to stop at my house! I wanna go too! I made rum balls, and peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip muffins and lots of other goodies (what until you try my triple layer fudge cake!).
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Adrienne I am bringing the cats and coming to live with you!!! Get that triple layer fudge cake ready!!! :tounge2:
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Dee, with Jeanie's driving we'll be there in just a couple hours! Bren, I said I was bringing some Mircobrews, too. Lets see, there's Skunk Juice, Flying Dog Ale, Bad Frog Beer...any of those sound appealing? I have to agree that Coors really isn't fit for human consumption. We used to call it Colorado "Pee" Water (well, a little more vulgar, but you get the picture ). Maybe we should pick up some LeBatts while we're up close to Canada?

We still need to search for some of our missing members...Lheeza, Jeff24Girl, among others. I think we're in the area for Carla, and we can look around California for Lheeza once we pick up Dee. Now who am I forgetting? I know there are others we haven't seen for a while...

Adrienne, rum balls....mmmmmmm. *drool* It reminds of a funny story though, because my sister made rum balls with a little too much rum at the same time. She made these really good treats called "Tiny Fudge Tarts." Now, just imagine after eating a few of those rum balls (with too much rum to cook out) and then asking for "Tiny Fudge Tarts." Or just say it fast a few times. My family still breaks into peals of laughter about that Christmas!
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Yeah Bundy - I'll even clean off the cat fur from the spare bedroom - The cats might let you sleep on there bed! So when are you coming to Toronto!
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Next flight leaves at 6am (did you say there was a cute guy at your work??? Hmmmmmm let me see.......No 6am is the earliest!
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Well, now, Bundylee, if Adrienne wants to come with us, you can't very well move in right now, can you? We still have people to find, and food to eat. Better bake two cakes, Adrienne. These people are animals! Pass the chocolates, please. (Smacks Lorie's hand away from the bag.) Skunk juice??? hmmmmm....
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2 cakes coming up Jeanie! I bring some coke for me and for anyone else who wants the non alcoholic drinks. I love cyber calories - they don't stick to the hips! I am in the mood for fried chicken and biscuits with gravy
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Yup, Jeanie, Skunk Juice. Made at a little place up in Breckenridge, I believe. My Dad told me about it - says it is an appropriate name.

What no comments on the Tiny Fudge Tarts? I thought y'all would jump on that one! LOL
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Originally posted by valanhb

What no comments on the Tiny Fudge Tarts? I thought y'all would jump on that one! LOL
Sometimes it is just better to keep my mouth shut (I said it out load at work and people looked at me strangely - well, more strangely then normal)!
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Heidi, As far as the tarts are concerned, what is the better part of valor? Ahem... Let's just eat them and say nothing! It's the only way I'm safe. I spent years learning all about the sheet slitter, and still can't say it!
Adrienne, I'm glad I'm not alone. Iced tea with lemon and lots of ice would be great. We're on our way. Anyone to pick up on the way? I'm looking forward to Chicken and Biscuits!
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After you pick me up, we can pick up Ghys in Apple Hill Ontario! Jeanie - it looks like you and I have to do the driving if we are the one's who aren't drinking. Let me know when you want me to take the wheel!
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You mean she's not in the car? Did I really go around the corner that fast? What's that? I mean who's that fuming by the side of the road? I didn't unlock the doors! Must have been Brenda!
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Heck - she may be in the car - I'm drugged on allergy meds - I am a little woozy!
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Can we make a pit stop please, I forgot to bring my poptarts for breakfast Plus, I need to use the little girls room
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Originally posted by valanhb
"Tiny Fudge Tarts."
*dribbling Kentucky bourbon out of corner of mouth* Teeny fudge farts...No....farty fudge carts....No.....tiny fu#@ farts... The heck with those farts, pass me another rum ball!

Oops, sorry for drooling on your lap Debby.
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Even though I've been indulging, I could still go for some of that authentic Southern sweet tea!

Poptarts! Better bring enough for Adrienne, and the rest of us! If I remember right, Jeanie wants the kind without the frosting. We don't want to get her started on the evils of frosted pop tarts. LOL Personally, I like the chocolate fudge or brown sugar ones. With frosting, please!
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Ummmmm! Brown sugar poptarts - yum! We can stop buy the store after you guys pick me up - are you almost here?
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Well, Jeanie, at least you noticed I was on the side of the road. Can you come get me please? (whining slightly)

Actually, I had my Hershey bar in one hand, and some of that lovely derby pie. Plus my S/O sent along some of his special bar-b-q ribs, which I'll gladly share once I'm back in the car!
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(Slamming on the brakes) Here, Adrienne, take the wheel. I want some of those ribs, and I can't drive with sticky fingers. Welcome back, Brenda! Pass the ribs. mmmmmmmmmm! Hey, do I hear the roar of the Falls? Are we on the Amazing Race? Where are the camera men? Whoops! Debby fell on the floor again. You'd think she know to hold on by now.
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Jeanie, you must admit you're driving is a bit unpredictable. Poor Debby was trying to eat when you went flying past that 18 wheeler. I hope you don't mind bar-b-q sauce on the windows? And the seats. And the floor.
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Woah! Could someone peel my ribs off the windshield? Hey Jeanie, next time stop a little more slowly please!
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****Pulling Debby back onto the seat**** Yuck you're all sticky!!!

Hey Jeanie, when we get to California can we start looking for Lheeza here????... (if the website doesn't allow remote viewing it's Disneyland)

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Oh, I love Disneyland! Lheeza lives nearby, anyway, so I'm sure she'll be happy to join us there. But as soon as Adrienne's allergy medicine wears off, she's going to drive for a while. Gee, you'd think I wasn't giving everyone a comfortable ride.
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Cool!!!! Then she could show us around.
I can't wait to get there!!!

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Allergy med has worn off so I am ready to hit the open road! "On the Road again...." Can't wait until we get to those roller coasters! Woooooooooohooooooooo!
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****scratching tummy and smacking mouth**** I can't believe we slept through the entire day yesterday. Jeanie...look at the sheet wrinkle on your cheek!...its shaped just like a rib! eeew, did you really sleep with your face in that plate of BBQ?

Debby, whipe all that chocolate off your face and WAKE UP!!! We have roller coasters to ride! Where's Lheeza?
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Oh my gosh, you're right, Renae. Let me wash that off! Lheeza's probably at the restaurant in the New Orleans section over near Adventureland.

Hey guys! You know who else is playing hooky, just not every day? Spooky! and Tigger, too! I've seen a few posts, but not enough. Of course, we'll have to rest a day or two in Disneyland since it's free. Hey, Lorie. You can't litter here! Get that ice cream paper off the pavement or you'll go to the gallows! This place defines "clean." Oh, Mickey and Minnie got it. "Thanks, Mickey. We will have a great time." Now, about that ice cream...where did you say you got it?
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I am going to try for the world roller coaster record- come get me in a few weeks! Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa!
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WHAT?????? I was supposed to remember where I got the icecream??????
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**waking up, wondering why there is chocolate all over my face**

Rollercoasters???? Oh my NO! I'm scared to death of them!!!

How about if I stay on the ground and watch??? I can hold all our purses!!! (and the chocolate)
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