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WooooooHooooo!!!! You were right Debby, they were having waaaaay to much fun to be found!!!!
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Whooohooooooo!!!! *waves as they pass by north coast of New South Wales* Hey, it's Lisa here - can I hitch a ride?
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**** After being thrown violently to the floor when car comes to a stop. ****

Sure, hop right in!

**** Being thrown violently against the seat when car starts moving again. ****

JEANIE!!!! Where did you learn to drive??????
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LMAO, Poor Lorie!!!! That Jeanie G sure is a fast driver, I hope we don't get caught speeding!!! Be a dear and close the window would ya? I've just had me hair done and after that take off it looks like it did before!!!!
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Hahaha! That picture is hilarious! You just got your hair done you say? And you paid money for this? :laughing2:

Jeanie is taking this curve a little too fast....

OOOPS.... ****ends up on Lorie's lap**** Sorry about that!!!!!!
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Well maybe this looks better????????
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(Stopping the car with a gentle SLAM of the brakes) First of all, that's the best I've ever seen Bundylee's hair, and second, the last time I took a driver's test I passed with flying colors. (Trying to count the years on fingers, and drive while removing shoes.) Well, it was flying colors, anyway! Are we going to haul Tania away from those good looking King Kong types, or not? Hey, Lisa, what did you bring that's good to eat?
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*rubs her nose and forehead where she banged it on the seat in front. Wonders if that was a gentle slam she sure is glad it wasn't a hard one*

* Hands Jeanie a squashed Twinky*
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I have some treats stashed away here somewhere....*pulls out a large pizza* And hey! It's not fattening if it's cyber pizza!!! :laughing:
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Cyber Pizza????? I love cyber pizza!!!!!

****Gets out of car and goes to nearby Dairy Queen. Returns with large tray of 0 calorie cyber Banana Splits with extra toppings.****

Who wants dessert???

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Hey where are the brownies? Do pina coladas go with brownies, or should I bring strawberry daquiris instead?
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Lorie, You're brilliant! That's just what we needed to get across the miles, land or sea. We'll have so much excess energy we'll be able to fly over, unless you think this amphibian car will make it. I'm just the driver, so you tell me which way to go! (Turns the wheel hard to the right and drops Debbie to the floor. ) Whoops! Sorry, Debby. Do you know you have chocolate fudge sauce all over your shirt? We can't pick people up looking like that! Good grief. Straighten yourself up, will you?
Did you say BROWNIES? Who said brownies? All right, Brenda. Good choice. I'm driving, so I'll just take an extra brownie. Thanks!
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Hey Jeanie, since you're driving, and I do live close to Hershey, let's make a stop to stock up on our favorite food group. Pass the Krackel bars please.
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*Taps Jeanie on the shoulder* You know who else is missing???? Russian Blue!!!!!!!! It's been ages and she was jsut about to pick up her kitty last time she mailed! Has anyone heard from her????
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There might be another one...
What happened to Jenk? Did she suddenly turn up missing too? She was going to get her new Ragdoll kitten this last weekend http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=11706 and she has been quiet since then. I hope everything is ok, and I want to hear all about the new kitty!!
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Oh, sorry Jeanie! I've been putting the final touches on a home made Chocolate Torte - here pass these around while I'm finishing it off!
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Ahhh... a dollop of cream, shaved chocolate, few cherries on the side and we're done.... Who wants a piece???
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Just pass it up front, Lisa. You know Debbie wouldn't want any. She has to drop those excess baby pounds, so we would be doing her a favor if we ate it all. Lorie, have a piece too! All right, now we're back in the US. Where to? We left Tania at the "party." Hmmm. I really like Cadbury's chocolate, but Hershey's not bad for homegrown.
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Okay, I'm finally done cooking the bratwurst. Now, who wants sauerkraut with their bratwurst?
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Oh, pass one with sauerkraut, please. Brenda, what will you have? (Swerves and narrowly misses Independence Hall in Phillie!) And which way should I go? Leslie? Lorie? Anyone? Oh, look at that, the highway to Atlantic City, and another to NYC. Quick; make a decision!
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Atlantic City!!!! Can I come too??? Please??????

Bratwurst....aha! Yep, I am game to try some now that I know what it is!!!! :LOL:
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OK, Ghys! I worked for college tuition there one summer, so I used to know the city well. Do you suppose we can have any kind of weather we want? I would love 85 F so I can go to the beach. Of course I don't want to miss seeing the featured stars at the hotels, either. Is there a nickel slot machine around anywhere? Or are we still using Mr. Cat's credit cards?
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Is Western Kentucky too far out of the way for y'all to pick me up????? I sure could go for some chocolate, bratwurst and a road trip!!!

I'll bring a few Kentucky Hot Brown sandwiches and Derby Pies for everyone!
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I'll even bring a few pints of Kentucky Bourbon for y'all!
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Well, it took a while to cook those steaks, with Jeanie's driving the flame kept blowing out! They are finally done, though - seared to perfection.

Hey Lotocats, pass me some of that bourbon! I've got the beer chasers since Coors (YUK!) is brewed just a few miles from where I live, and we have a Budweiser brewery not too far, either. And of course, microbrews are a full on industry here in Colorado!
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Jeanie! Ahhhhh, the beach! Sure sounds like a great place to be!

*gulp* --- I think we should stop and shop for a suitable bathing suit for me. Right now, I'm picturing boxers and a t-shirt.

Lots og gambling fun to be had there! I think Mr.Cat would understand if we used his credit cards. After all, we are going to try to win for him right??????

Heidi, Yum! Steaks cooked to perfection! And Bourbon....although I have never tried that, I am ready to now!
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Hmmmm....Kentucky sipping whiskey? Perhaps we'd better keep that to ourselves, Renae. We wouldn't want to get these young girls tipsy! Of course, I'm driving, so I'll wait. Not that this group would notice the difference. Did anyone pick Debby up from the floor yet? They seem to think I drive a bit fast. Well, we did make it from Australia to Pennsylvania via Canada and Kentucky overnight.....Ah, the ocean, steaks with mushrooms, chocolate torte! This is the life.

Hey, Heidi, I thought boilermakers were only a Pittsburgh thing. In fact, Pittsburgh is given a hard time for it! Of course, this area has Duquesne Pilsner and Rolling Rock ale for the "refined" taste. But, I don't think anyone will need it with Renae's bourbon, from what I've heard. It's supposed to be smooooooooooth.
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WoooooooooooooHoooooooooooo!!! The lady who gave me Mr. Cat's credit cards gave me his ATM card too!!! We're in luck!!!

I didn't tell you guys this before, but the lady's name is Brittney. Remember her?
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Maybe we should have gotten Brittney's credit cards, too. I hope someone thought to stop by the Yuengling brewery before we left Pennsylvania. I was too concerned about the chocolate. Please, we need something other than Coor's or Bud, are they really beer?
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Hey everyone I want to come too. How come you haven't come to the west coast? Near where I live they grow the great Walla Walla onions. As long as we're not kissing anybody they would be great on sandwichs. I'll contribute some margaritas, salsa and home made tacos too. Since I make them from scratch I'll need 48 hours. Will see you then.

Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy
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