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ROAD TRIP! In search of our missing members...

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Dum, Dum, Dum!

Since it has been very slow here this week, some of us have decided to start a Road Trip and send out a search party for our MIA members. WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?!?! We are getting lonely here!

But we don't want to just wallow in our tears waiting for you, so we are setting out on the latest Cat Site adventure! Lorie has procured a very nice car for us to travel in, and we decided that instead of Spam we will be dining on steaks and bratwurst on the BBQ grill.

You can check out the car, and some of the other delicacies we will be enjoying on Friday's DT, here .

Who all is in?
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I'm all ready to start our search, I hope you don't mind but I have a little extra helper who is coming with us. Here he is, Sniffer The Bloodhound. Our little search party just wouldn't be complete without him.
Oh, and by the way, Sniffer wants all HIS steaks cooked medium rare.
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I'm here, I'm here!!! I've got the Bratwurst & Sauerkraut. I think I'll bake some struedel too!!

I think I'll have to decline on driving, but can ya'll come pick me up Monday morning. I think I'm the most "southern" person, you could make me the last stop.

I do still want a chance to drive that car though!
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Sniffer should come in handy, especially since we are going to have to search the entire WORLD for some of our long lost members! Does that car travel well in water? I hope Sniffer doesn't get seasick...

I'll volunteer to man the grill, just hand me those steaks and brats! Lets see, that 1 medium well for Jeanie (with mushrooms ), and 2 medium rare for Sniffer and me...Sabra's going with brats, I think Ady said she still had some cheesecake and wine from the office. It think we're ready to travel ladies!
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I knew I was forgeting something!! Since money is no object on this trip, (mostly because we will be using Mr. Cat's credit cards), our car is an all surface vehicle. It travels just as well on water as it does on land.
It's such a shame Mr. Cat is among those missing...
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Perhaps he will be among the first we find.

OK Sniffer here's a can of Spam! That should bring us to Mr. Cat! :laughing:

SNIFFER! You weren't supposed to *eat* the Spam! Well, hopefully he has the scent...
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The lady at Mr. Cat's house who gave me his credit cards said we should just enjoy our road trip and money was no object when it came to expenses. It was really weird!!
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Can you swing by Ohio and pick me up? I could really use a road trip!

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I wanna go, I wanna go!!! (jumping up and down, stomping feet) :laughing:

And as for it being a slow week.....you have NO idea!!!! :laughing2

It has been slower than a snails butt this week....I miss coming here and chatting with you all....but just don't have the time now.

I'm trying to catch up tonight, though....on the 126 e-mails (all from the catsite) that I had when I logged on tonight...that's notifications of new threads, and new posts in old threads I haven't read since Tuesday.... )

Anyhoo.........a road trip sounds GREAT if ya all don't mind I may be missing from it for a few days at a time!!!

I got a kick out of Ghyslaine wondering what brats were.....:LOL: :laughing: I guess if I had never seen the abbreviation for bratwurst, I might have wondered the same thing....are they frying up kids or what?????

The car looks awesome, Lorie!!!!!

Let's go!!!!!
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The more the merrier!!!! We'll pick you both up...
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WOOOHOOOO!!!! I'm ready to go, then!!!!
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I think Spam might help us find Mr. Cat, but wasn't he more interested in Haggis?

I'll bring the beer, count me in for a medium rare steak.
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Brenda, pass over the beer, and I'll take my steak medium!
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Beer sounds great, I'll have one too!! My oh my, who could ever forget Haggis????? When I was packing for our trip I even found a leftover can of it in my suitcase. Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!
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I found a leftover can of Spam....double EWWWWWW :laughing:
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Lorie, While we were in Scotland I looked for Haggis, but got waylaid. Sorry! To make up for it, I went to the courts at Wimbledon and picked up some strawberries and cream. Oh, yum. Now that Bundylee has turned herself in, let's find Kumbulu! Off we go! Heidi, put another steak on the grill.
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I think with the help of Jeanie G's hat the doggie found me!!!!!!
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I've enlisted the help of a couple of buddies of mine to find the others a bit quicker if that's okay with you all!
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:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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We'll need all the help we can get!!! Sniffer loves wearing that hat! Can he keep it....PLEASE?????
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Sure thing but you have to ask Jeanie G it's her hat hehehhe!!!
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Well....if I get your share of the mushrooms, Oh, and just a few of your strawberries, please. All right Leslie, where did you last see Kumbulu? We can't just meander and just eat all this good food now, can we? And I won't be able to deduce properly without my Holmes hat!
Oh, did someone find some corn on the cob? And lots of butter? After all, we're not in a cold climate anymore. Pass the cream, please.
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Well Jeanie mate! Last seen Kumbulu was in Melbourne (which is a state in Australia mate in case you didn't know)so I think we should start there.

I am having a bit of a bad hair day though so do you mind if we stop at the hairdressers along the way?
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Yikes it's gotten worse!!!!!!!!
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Jeanie, you're driving, maybe we should make an emergency stop at the closest hairdressers!!!!!! Who knows what could happen if we don't!
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It's okay ............
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I think I have it under control......just need a rest and something to eat and then we can be on our way! Yawn!!!
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All right, fellow travelers, we're through the Suez canal. Does anyone have any bright ideas about crossing the Indian Ocean? Melbourne, here we come. (a state in Australia, in case you didn't know.... grumble, mumble, some peoples' kids, smart alecs...grumble..try to be nice, and see where it gets you..)
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Okay I had our spy cam out and about and this is the lastest sighting of our missing friend in some seedy night club in Melbourne!!! What should we do??????? The child is obviously being lead astray!!!!!
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Hey they look like they are having fun! Maybe they don't want to be found! :laughing:

Love your hairdo, Leslie!

Can I take a nap on the way???? Pleeeeeaaaassse?????
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