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Did Anyone Watch The Oscars?

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I tried to stay up to watch it but fell asleep. I was very happy that Jennifer Hudson won best supporting actress, though. She is amazing and I recall when she left American Idol - I couldn't believe it then because she was so talented.

I did wake up briefly when she and Beyoncé were singing, but went to bed - couldn't keep my eyes open. Did anyone manage the whole thing? Who won for best actor and actress (I know I could google it but more fun to ask you).
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I watched the beginning but I was dealing with a sick child so sorry I'm no help.
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I just cut and pasted this from my post to another thread last night after the show:

"Just came back from a mini Oscar girl night party. It's always fun to watch in a group.
I thought they were very good this year. I was really happy about Helen Mirren winning for actress and Forest Whitaker as actor was a pleasant surprise (I routed for Will Smith, but was still happy). Also great was Jennifer Hudson. I love it when the less known win. When she sung with Biance, I thought she really shone. She has a natural type of talent. Hopefully they don't force her to lose 25lbs and look like the rest of the actresses out there today.
Also, I was very happy to see Martin Scorcese win for director as he has long deserved it. I haven't seen The Departed, but I loved his older films such as Taxi Driver, Kundun and Age of Innocence, the list goes on...
Last night we went to see Pan's Labyrinth. It was a very beautiful film, (though unexpectadly violent). So it deserved the award for cinematography!
The shadow dancer performances were very clever. I also thought Ellen had a great casual, but suitably humourous approach. Loved the vacuum stuff and the digital photo opp with Stephen Spielberg."
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I only watched it until Jennifer Hudson won and I couldn't watch anymore...it was too boring this year.
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ah just recaped it on the internent and saw the red carper special on E.
Oh i think Nicole Kidman looked AMAZING!
and The Departed one a few awards which is great cause I loved it and I love Martin Scorcese films!
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I was rooting for Little Miss Sunshine to win...soooooo much better than The Departed! Probably too goofy to be an Oscar winner, though.

I was really happy to see Pan's Labyrinth win so many awards...it was a beautiful film.
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