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Kitty Coming Home...Last Minute Advice???

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My Ragdoll boy comes home tomorrow (after a long, arduous trek two states away). I am asking for any and all advice pertaining to kitten ownership. Feel free to offer your wisdom on the first few critical days (what to do/ what not to do, etc.)

Thanks and take care,

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1st and foremost, kitten proof your house, just as you would baby proof a house. Get down on their eye level and check out the mischief they can get into.

Most important offer lots of love and in return you will eventually get it back in return!
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Jenk! Congratulations on becoming an official kitty mommy! I have to commend you on doing so much research and trying to be as prepared as possible. You are so much more prepared than most people who bring home their first cat.

Advice: Just love the little guy all you can. And take lots and lots of pictures. They grow up so fast, you won't even believe it. Seriously, spend a good amount of quality time with him, especially in the first days/weeks so you can bond with him, and he with you. He may be scared and hide for a while, don't rush him out. This is a big change in his little life, especially with such a long trip. Once he is comfortable with you and his new home, try introducing him to the birds just a little. Hold on to him real tight and let him see them. That way he/they won't be surprised the first time they see each other out in the open.

I can't wait to hear all about him (and see pics, if possible )!
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Jenk - I must have missed it. Is it a boy or girl? What did you name the new addition to your home! Congrats!

PLEASE take Heidi's advice and take LOTS of pictures. They do grow up SOOOO fast.

The only thing I would have to add is that once kitty is comfortable with you and the new home, start as soon as possible getting him/her used to having his nails clipped and his/her teeth brushed. The longer you put it off, the harder it is to get it done.

We started by massaging our kitties' gums with our finger, and we now use those "brushes" that you stick on to the end of your finger. The actual tooth brushes for cats we bought became toys long ago. LOL!

I agree with Heidi and Ady - just pour love into your new family member. And spend as much time as possible with him/her.

Can't wait to see pics!

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Duh. You said it was a boy! What's his name going to be? Or are you waiting until a name picks him?
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Oh - just thought of something else. Keep lots of straws around the house. Our little guys wanted to chew on everything. We always just slipped a straw in there instead, and it worked. It got really bad when they started teething at around five months. We added lots of (open) paper bags around the house to the mix. That worked too!

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Jenk, how exciting!!! I'm sure you already know this, so I'll just remind you to take the new kitten to the vet for an exam as soon as possible. Just as a general safety precaution, of course!!!

I'm looking forward to hearing more about him.
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Thank you for the words of advice. I've taken a large number of pictures so far, and I intend to take many more. Whenever my baby boy is in a cute pose, or just napping the afternoon away, I sneak pictures of him.

A name has not been chosen yet, though I like Blue Bear (Bear for short)--he's a blue bicolor Ragdoll who will be a "big" boy according to my vet. (Yes, my vet saw him the second day that he was home. She said he "looks like a million bucks;" she and the vet tech.'s fell in love with him.) I also like the name Simon; one co-worker of mine likes Corkey. :tounge2: I don't know what to name him...*whine*

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Well, Jenk, you are now an official kitty mommy! How exciting.

I like Blue Bear, but then I call my Trent Honey Bear so I guess I'm kinda biased. Doesn't it make you all proud when the people at the vet's office ooh and aah over your baby? I know I was when they all fussed over Trent when he was a kitten.

Have you shown him to the birds and vice-versa? I am very curious how that goes.
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I also like Blue Bear, but knowing me I would probably end up calling him a nickname like BooBearry or BooBoo
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The kitty has seen the birds several times (only when they are inside their cages). Our Maximilian Pionus, Holly Moon, is very interested in the kitty and climbs lower to get a better look at him. (She's always been a curious--borderline bold--girl. ) Our cockatiel, Joey, however, will take much longer to warm up to the newest family member. He keeps his crest at full mast and often hisses, while keeping one eye on the kitty as much as possible. LOL Thus far, the only interest the kitty has related to the birds are their molted feathers, which he likes to inhale and then attempt to spit out (I assist him in the process).

My goal is to have both species become acclimated to one another in my and my hubby's presence. I continually reassure Joey that he's okay, that we're keeping an eye on the kitty. We sometimes hold the kitty up higher for the birds to view him; we say to the kitty: "See the birdies? They are babies...B-A-B-I-E-S." Of course, one of us always has the squirt bottle aimed at the base of kitty's tail, in the event he decides to go into stalker mode. Even our vet, who's always kept cats and birds together, reassured me that, in time, cats come to ignore their feathered companions. *whew!*

Take care,

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Hey Jenk-

Congrats on the new arrival. Please understand that often times cats that are shipped arrive it a state of shock. Kitty is liable to be dehydrated and so it is important you get him to drink water. If you can go get a bottle of pedialyte and mix it with regular water that will help him to recover. It will take him awhile to adjust to the fact that he isn't moving around anymore and so take that into account. Good luck with him, he sounds lovely-I love Ragdolls they are one of my favorite breeds.
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Believe it or not, our kitty wasn't shipped. We *drove* to get him. Thankfully, we saved two hours by spending the previous night at my parents' house. But it was still a 9.5 hour drive from Chicago to Iowa and back to West Michigan. Kitty had three pit stops but wouldn't use his makeshift litter box. He did, however, drink plenty of water and ate some food. Although he is whiny in our home (the breeder said he was whiny/ talkative in her home, too), he cried for only the first 20 minutes of the ride and slept the rest of the way (except for during the pit stops).

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Good to hear Jenk! Good luck with your new baby.
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