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laptop misery

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Well I tried to log on to the net this morning on my laptop..... no joy. Connection on main computer was down so I tried to reconnect that.... no joy. No adsl light.... hmmmm. Plug in new phone cable, filter box, phone socket in various combinations til there was wires and rubbish all over... still no joy. Attached old modem.... adsl light comes on... ah!! Is router then. Tell husband.... he says he will look at it when he comes home from work.

DH (hmm) looks at computer... checks all wires, connections etc. Comes up with an amazing conclusion! It's the router!! Now why didn't I think of that???!!!! Why can some men never be told? I know I'm not as computer savvy as him (he works in IT) but I'm not an idiot (depends who you ask on that... ) I give in.
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Ok, I am an idiot at computer things. I never would have figured that out..
Good for you.
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I. Hate. Laptops.

I will be thrilled when mine dies and I can get a nice, normal desktop. (I feel the end is coming. The "up" key just fell off last night and refuses to be reattached).

That is all I have to say on that issue.
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