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Can I keep a Ocicat strictly indoors? There is a lot of traffic where I live, will it be happy indoors? Thanks.

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I would think that as long as s/he has plenty of room to run and play s/he would be as happy as any other indoor only kitty. I don't know your housing situation, but you could built a cat enclosure on the back of your house. Kind of like a screened in porch, but with the grass still there and things to climb on and play with. Here is a link of some pictures of one of our member's enclosure for her cats. They just love it!

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Hi maa,

I am moving your question over to the Care and Grooming forum, where it may illicit a few more responses.
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If my Bengal is happy indoors your Ocicat can be too. Just provide a large variety of toys and space to play!!! Your baby will be just fine!
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