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Serves em right!!!

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Dh just got our neighbors good! The 24/7 bass people.

Last Thursday the trash people came at like 6:30am instead of 8-9ish like usual. So a few of us missed their collection. Well our neighbors had thier huge can overflowing with crap plus a bunch of boxes and random junk next to it. They have yet to pull the can back to their house.

So last week we got a nasty bit of wind...which blew all of thier crap into our yard! And did they bother to come get it? Of course not!

Well before I got home I pulled up to our mailbox (not in front of our house). From there I can see the back of our house and our neighbors house. Well I look over....and there is my husband with a big black trash bag...picking up thier crap...and putting it like almost on their doorstep!

I am still laughing so hard. The stuff is mostly in a bag, but the big things are loose still. It snowed here and rained so everything was nasty wet. Hopefully it won't blow back before they take a hint! Seriously though, I feel bad for thier little child!
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OMG - they have a child? Poor kid!
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They are a young couple. I think their little girl is maybe 18months. She's at that age where they like to do little funny jumps up and down. Not quite a jump but kind of. She's a cutie!
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Aw - I hope they look after her better than they do other things!
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Me too!
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I hate that trashy people can have kids, and there are so many decent people that can't conceive. Their poor child, they seem like real winners
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