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Cats Gone Wild!

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My Löki turned into a tasmanian devil on the weekend. We are having our kitchen cabinets replaced, and DH decided that he and son-in-law would do the work themselves. Needless to say, my kitchen has been in a state of upheaval for a month now and Lord only knows when they will be finished. We are living out of boxes right now!

Anyway, son-in-law, who sometimes isn't the brightest bulb in the bunch, has a cell phone. The tone is set for a siren. Need I say more? The cell phone rang on Saturday while they were in the kitchen working. I was down in the basement sorting stuff out (I'm doing a "Clean Sweep" down there). All of a sudden I heard great big loud bangs and crashes, a siren going off (VERY LOUD) and a lot of loud hissing and growling. Apparently, when the phone rang, Löki, who was sitting in the dining room "supervising" went berserk, lunged for the cell phone and attacked. SIL had to throw the phone on the floor because Löki was attacking him to get at the phone.

Anyway, he kept saying - you're going to have to get that cat put down someday. He'll attack the wrong person and that'll be that. I was really mad and told him over his dead body. Löki doesn't like him to start off with and he was frightened when the "siren" went off. Anyway, I got Löki calmed down and he was fine after that. SIL came the next day and I had to remove Löki from the room because he kept hissing at him.

I think any cat would have been frightened by that. Add to that the fact that Löki doesn't like him. I asked him why the heck he had his stupid cell set to a siren. I said it frightened me and I was down in the basement at the time.

What do you think? Do your cats react this way to loud sudden noises?
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You know, all my cats hate it when our land-line rings.........Dino jumps out of his skin Pepsi gets all agitated and ends up going outside and Miss Moofi runs to me for head-butts Its not an usual ring tone, like your SIL siren , and we cant change it as this setting is the lowest

Poor Loki I dont blame him for hissing at him, he´s just explaining it aint nice that loud noise !!! Wont they change it just while they are at yours ?
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Well, when he came over on Sunday, he turned the stupid thing off! I don't understand why anyone in their right mind would set a cell to a siren tone though!
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Trout would crap for sure..She wouldn't attack, but she would run away real fast. I don't think any cats like loud noises.
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Not too sure what sugar and spice would do. If the vacuum is any indication, they would prolly move around to a different location than what I am in and go from there. They run when my phone rigns now, trying to find out where it is coming from.
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Awww Loki had every right to be frightened!
We had an electrician here a while back whose walkie talkie/Nextel kept shrilling. Maverick got so scared he went under the bed and was shaking. When strangers bring loud noisy object to kitty's homes, they are treading with caution!

It sounds like SIL is not a cat person either. His loss!
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That is the stupidest ring tone I have ever heard of. What does he do when driving and it goes off? Pull over? Good for Loki; Lucy is proud of her guy

Hubby listens to the emergency scanner so the cats have gotten used to the emergency tones. But at first they would do that panicked crouch and run for the bedrooms. And Lucy would hiss at Carly My girls are not fighters. They would rather flee.
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8-Bit would have attacked, Dr. Claw and Scratch would have run away.

Give you baby some love for me, that noise must have scared the poo out of him!
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It probably hurt his ears! He is going to make the noise stop and the only way to do that is to kill the phone! Loki you did a great job!
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Maggie would have turned herself inside-out in her mad dash for the basement. I don't understand why anyone would have a siren for their cell phone ringer. Besides that, he was just plain rude and insensitive to make a comment about putting Loki down. Personally, I'd have a hard time being civil to him after that kind of a comment.

Hugs to Loki!

Pookie & the girls
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Trust me - he had no doubts about how I felt about his stupid ring tone! And I told him Löki was my baby, and he would never be put down. I said to him that only an idiot would set their cell ring tone to a siren, so he deserved what he got!
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