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Uhh, Nacho?

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I think your a bit too big now, buddy.

It's a bit dark, but you can sorta see him hanging over.

I swear I can fit!

I wanna turn!
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cats have such fascination with boxes! He doesn't care that it's too small, it's a box to sleep in. The other cat is trying to figure out a way that they can both sleep in it
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that is just too cute the mystery of cats and small boxes its a mystery we will never know but look at ur cuties
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They will push the box sides out to the limit in order to try to fit.. You have such pretty kitties.
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LOL hilarious kitties!
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He's going to fit in that box no matter what it takes
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He's just a littttttle too big!
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He looks cozy! The smaller the better!
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I love it when they do that!!
Very purrrty cats btw
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Thank you.
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Awwww... Nacho has such beautiful eyes
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those are way too cute.......... cats & boxes, always good for a photo opportunity
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Its MY box and YOU ain`t having it!
The face says it all.
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