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Lip Fusion

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you know those lip plumpers that really never work? My cat loves Lip Fusion on me and kisses me whenever I wear it. What little quirky tastes does your baby have?
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my hair! lol. I think as a blind kitty she likes to attack more things. if i'm laying on my tummy on the bed watching tv and she curls up next to me, flicking my hair is a baaad thing she grabs as much hair as she can in one go and eats and claws it! (this is bad as my hair is thick and curly and knots easily i even get annoyed when tristan plays with it lol)

She also likes to give me a little kiss if ive eaten choccie or ice cream. Such a smart kittie
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Mine will kiss me anytime I apply chapstick. Paris eats dog kibble. Cairo loves rice. They both meow like crazy when I make spaghetti, the noodles are like a food and toy in one. Cairo also loves the tomato sauce.
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My wet hair. Luna just loves the smell of my hair fresh from the shower. She'll scent it and just purr so loudly.

Patches loves the smell of green olives. She goes nuts by rubbing her head against everything the instant you open a jar of them. It's very entertaining.
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Trout likes the smell of my shampoo too
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Mine will kiss me anytime I apply chapstick.
Ali is like that. She loves chapstick and lip gloss, and has even licked my lipstick off me. She also likes to wash my eyebrows.... especially at 3am. My niece has a sweet tooth and Ali likes to share with her, so far she has developed a taste for marsmallows, hard gum sweets and fruit pastilles. Charlie loves salads, especially crisp lettuce and cucumber. Tiger likes Mc Donalds fries and goes mad for any kind of bread, he steals it if you don't watch him!
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