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Just a few simple questions.

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Is a cat supposed to poo like 2-3 times a day? Because we foolishly placed the litterbox in the kitchen and now every day in the evening when we sit down for dinner it smells... well like poo , Any advise? I am thinking about moving it to some other room, but he might not get used to the new location, and poo and pee, on the kitchen floor.
Also how can we stop him from entering the inner of the sofa in the living-room and causing a ruckus there(he gets in and starts moving around making a lot of noise)? I am thinking about blocking it, but I am not sure what he will try to make noise in next...
Also how can I stop him from opening the refrigeretor door? he opens it and drops products on the floor when I am in school and my parents in their respective jobs.
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Some cats are more regular than others, but in any case you should definitely move the litter box out of your kitchen, dining room, or any eating areas for your own sanitation.

If you move the litter box, he will probably figure it out pretty quickly and it won't be a problem.

If he is entering your sofa housing from the underneath, you can take an old sheet, staple it to bottom of the sofa and across any beams that run under there. Cut the leftover fabric off in such a way that it is not visible when the sofa is upright. Make sure you pull it tight as you staple it so it doesn't become a new plaything that he tears up and gets back inside.

Is your fridge older? It sounds like the seal is not working properly. A quick solution if you don't mind how it looks is to purchase velcro tape and make a strap along the outside to hold the fridge closed.
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Hi there, some great tips from Cairo. I´d like to add.........about litter trays

I had to move our tray and was like you , very worried that we´d have a mis-hap, so what I did was move the tray bit by bit - say about 3-4ft from the original place, until I got it to where I wanted it The cats found it OK and now its in its permanant place.

Good luck !
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
what I did was move the tray bit by bit - say about 3-4ft from the original place, until I got it to where I wanted it
I have to do that also, Baker is the only one who will pee where a box used to be if I move it too fast.

I don't think mine poop 3 times a day, perhaps the food your giving him is causing that?

You may need to put a child proof lock on the refrigerator, we have them on all our cupboards thankfully our cats haven't tried the fridge yet.
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Thanks for the tips, dully noted.
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Scoop the box before dinner and change the litter more often if it's really stinky. Also, a higher grade food may help reduce the number of times the kitty uses the box. If you move the box, don't do it suddenly. Introduce a second box, then gradually move the first box to its new location.

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Yes, I agree - a good premium food will make him poo less, and less often.

I have to ask, is he doing the same thing inside the sofa as he does with your sheets?
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Usually if you move the litter box, they want to go in it and remark or establish. Do you scoop clean your litter? You should and when you do, when he is around, just set litter box down some where different in front of him. See if he goes inside it to investigate. Another way to reestablish litter location is to place a litter box in new location as well as leaving other for a couple days. Once he has used new location, remove original location but place something where it was that hinders him from the area. If he doesn't take to new litter location, place him in the litter a few times, showing him this is potty spot.....Should work! II was never fond of litter in the kitchen myself, but I am a constant scooper as well!
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