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Toys for a kitten

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It's so nice to hear from people with more experience with cats. I have dogs, but our new kitten is a little bit of a mystery.

Has anyone already had adult dogs when their new kitten came to the house? If so, what kind of toys did you get for the kitten? We can and do play with her with those feathers at the end of a stick and she loves it, but I would like to find things for her to play with when we aren't able to play with her. We've bought some balls that had little bells in them, but the dogs like them too and they aren't safe for them.

Pumpin does love to play with Sammi's (our beagle) tail. When Sammi's happy and the tail is wagging Pumpin tries to grab it and jumps at it. Sammi doesn't seem to notice and Pumkin seems to be having a ball.
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I have 11 cats, and all of them met my dog when he ws an adult. My three kittens love little furry mouse toys. But, I find that they like to play with little scraps of paper, or milk carton caps they find on the floor
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Paper grocery sacks, empty cardboard boxes, empty toilet paper rolls- crumpled pieces of small paper, newspaper just laid out on the floor, a blanket laid over a selection of pillows on the floor makes for a wonderful kitty playground. Tin foil balls, cellophane wrappers, bread ties, I have one kitty who loves jar lids and she will play fetch for hours as we roll these across the carpet and rug for her, and she brings them back and drops the lid in our lap.

I also have 11 cats and one dog, and all my cats love our german shepherd- they sleep together- and since most of my cats were orphans- Kenai, my shepherd was their substitute mom so they are very comfortable with her.
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Also,my cats love to play with a ping pong ball in the bath.They can amuse themselves chasing it as it rolls up and down the sides but dont forget to remove it before ya go to bed as youre liable to wake up to that sound in the middle of the night.
Congrats on the new kittie.
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Orion's favourite toys are ping pong balls and those squeaky mouse toys that you can buy.
He will try and play with anything he can find though, so even simple stuff like bottle caps can keep him amused...lol
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Socks will play with anything and everything! When she was a kitten, I used to tie old hair scrunchies (the ones from the 80s that were covered in about 17 layers of fabric) to a piece of string and she would bat it around like it was the most expensive toy in the world. I just had to watch her because of the string and the elastic in the scrunchie. It's funny though, she'd much rather play with bottle caps, cheap wand toys from the dollar store, and stuff like that, but if I buy her any expensive toys from the pet store, she'll just glare and walk away.
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Thanks for all of the great ideas. I've tried a lot of them and she's had fun with them. I did buy a couple of toys at the pet store. They are cat nip filled smallish stuffed figures at the end of a small bungie cord that you tie to a doornob. She can spend a 1/2 hour jumping and chasing those things.
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I have to smile - my cat is spoilt rotten, as my husband even has a fishing rod rigged up with a furry mouse toy on the end! LOL. He "casts" the toy and reels it in for her to chase after, keeping Mushka playing for ages! It's a crazy household!
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Cheap (Homemade) Toys =

Toilet paper rolls

Big Boxes with holes cut into them (like a maze)

Tissue Paper Boxes (with a ping pong ball inside)

Little scrap of carpet

Sock Balls
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