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Today is not my day....

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So far....

*I've tripped on Ophelia & knocked one of my front teeth loose.
*Had Ophelia knock my expensive graphing calculator off the desk & break it. Did I mention I have to take a math exam at 1:30 today?
*Stepped in Damita puke. I thought we were done with that.
*Stepped in doggie slobber.
*Jammed my finger on the wall.
*Got Molly's weepy eye goop on my clean clothes.
*Dory used me as a Kleenex blowing his nose on me.
*I slipped & fell on the ice going to let the outside cats out of the garage. My back now hurts.

Ya know....none of this can wreck my day as it has started snowing again!!
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oh my..........well I´d just go back to bed if I were you

Take more slipping, stepping, banging, or jamming
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well I guess its one of those days for all us although I am having a nervous breakdown But for u and I hope ur day gets better
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I'm with Ann, I'd be back in bed with the covers pulled over my head here's to hoping the rest of your day is accident and mess free!
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OMG! I was just taking a quiz for math & you had to tell if the statement was True or False. It pertained to the sun rising. I couldn't remember if the sun rose in the east & set in the west, or rose in the west & set in the east! I had a complete & total brain fart!
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the only way I know that is that my bedroom in on the east end of the house and I can't sleep in too late cause the sun wakes me up! (of course that's also due to the kitties breaking my mini-blinds )
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You poor thing you!!

I sure hope your day gets better!!
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From one Klutz to another.... Keep trying to get through the day without killing yourself!!
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Sounds like you need a hug
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Wow. is that why you have a horseshoe in your collection of gifts?

I think you need a 4 leaf clover!
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Life is a Roller Coaster ....
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly View Post
From one Klutz to another.... Keep trying to get through the day without killing yourself!!
Working on it! From this point on, I'm not leaving my house until tomorrow!

I should've known...I forgot to submit two assignments by 1 am this morning....I did them, just forgot to actually submit them. That should've been my warning to stay in bed!
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Yikes! Its been quite a day for you, huh?
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ouch, sounds like it was a good time to just stay in the house, with the doors locked.
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