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Best Buddies

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Here is my new addition Emily with Dexter..So the introductions are going very well.
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awwww how cute! It looks like they are getting along great! Emily is soooo pretty.
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Thanks. Emily is really starting to come out of her shell now, after 11 days, she is still quite "skiddish" around the dogs, but loves to be with the other 3 cats and us as well.
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It is wonderful when they start to settle down! She is lovely.
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Aww!! What sweeties!!
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o my that is just toooo cute
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Awwwwwwww that is soooooo sweet! I love kitty love!
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Awwwwww look at those little snuggle buns
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So adorable and they are getting along wow. Best of luck so cute.
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aww..........theres two snuggle-bugs for defo the holding paws photo
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omg how stinkin' cute?!?!
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