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Kitty Litter Cake

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Check out this recipe -


Wait till the picture loads.
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Oh my gosh, that's disgusting! Especially the tootsie rolls!! ewwwwwwwwww. It might be worth the look on everyones faces when it was served though...lol
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Hi folks,as a newmember may I make a suggestion in the serving of this delight? have the treat sitting on the floor by the table;say-oh goodness,what's this doing here.Then pick it up and sample one of the rolls. Keep an open path to the washroom.

Should warn you- I have a decidedly different sense of humor.
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Kittyfoot...I like the way you think!!! That would be hilarious!!!! I might have to try that sometime....my hubby would puke....he can't even stand to see the litter pan at all....hahahaha. And Welcome by the way!!! Glad you joined us!
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thanks Debby. I like you folks already;you list me as junior member-quite a stretch for a 53 yr old. lol if it's appropriate I'd like to invite visits to my web-page http://www.wayneshouse.homestead.com . Still under construction,so don't mind the carpenters.LOL
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Welcome Kittyfoot!

You know, I don't think I could actually eat any of that cake myself... Even if I made it myself
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Wayne....I visited your website and found it very enjoyable!!! You are a very good artist too, by the way!!! And Tic and Tac are adorable!!!! I like the scratching boards too...if I had some extra money i would order one....but I'm a little short on cash after the holidays!! Who is Isabel? Another cat? Thanks for sharing your wonderful and unique website with us!!
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