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abort and spay really would be the best thing,
I am seriousely considering it.

As for my dog, hes getting worse. Now his seizures are coming very frequently, and he hasn't hadd them for a while. Maybe its because of all the meds hes taking? I don't know... hes got another appt. sometime next week.
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Fingers crossed for your dog
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Keisha, I've had a dog that lost an eye, and one of my current dogs (Melvin, my Golden Retriever), has a seizure disorder. As far as the eye thing goes, as tragic as this is that this is happening to him (and preventable...personally, I'd sue the socks off the vet that CAUSED all of his trouble by giving him the wrong treatment...that's serious negligence on his part), if your dog loses an eye, it can be a relief to him in terms of pain. A one-eyed dog gets around just fine, and while looking at your dog with only one eye takes some getting used to, he'll probably recover nicely from it, and go about his business like nothing ever happened, once the stitches have healed up. I hope it doesn't come to that with your dog, but it definitely happens to many...praying for you and your poochie.

Our Melvin isn't on any seizure meds at this time, as he doesn't have them often enough to justify it right now...although the older he's getting, the more he has. Eventually, we'll probably have to medicate him for the seizures, as I can see it getting worse in the future.

Take care, and I hope your dog comes through everything just fine.
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I hope he gets better soon. And i hope your dogs seizures don't get any worse. Becuaas they can be really scary.
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My mom called me today. Spike was taken in yesterday (I had no idea that they were open on sundays) and the vet said that they can't save his eye. This morning the brought him in. And he had surgery this afternoon. And they bring him back tomorrow afternoon. I feel so bad !
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Aww, I do hope he recovers well.
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I'm so so so sorry about your dog but at least he will be relived from his pain.

Wookie gave some good advice.

You must realize that your dog will not be nearly as impaired as if you imagined yourself with only one eye. Dogs rely mostly on sense of smell and hearing. Their eye sight is not very good to begin with so he won't be missing as much as a human would be with only one eye.
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His surgery went fine. It was rather expensive, but that doesn't matter,my mom would do anything for that dog. Its one of the sons she never had. He looks terrible though, fromwhat i've heard. And hes on alot of pain meds. All he has been doign is sitting around. But he has been eating alot more than he was before. I would also guess that hee's feelign better. Not acting so lethargic too.
So the news is good. But i'm not looking forward to seeing him, all bruised up. And they shaved hishead so he looks weird i guess. but...
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Kalli is also doing fine. Shes ate all the birds we had coming to our feeders. And 5 mice, or i guess those are just the ones that we found dead. She certainly likes to kill things. She doesn't eat them. Just kills them because its fun to throw them around on the gravel. And freak me out by putting a mouse on me withoout me noticing . (that acutally happened not to long ago, i was feedin the bunnies and she came up to me from undrer the their cage, and dropped a mouse on my lap, i didn't even notice untill i stood up and it fell off, i was pretty freaked out, but she was looking really happy because she brought me a present)
I'm going to let her stay pregnant and go through with the pregnancy. Shes not too young, though this is her first litter, and i know when she mated. (i am not 100% sure that she is pregnant, and i wonn't know that untill later on since she is only 13 days) Also when the kittens will be due i will be out of school for the year, and i will be able to take care of her and the kittens. Without having to worry about missing anything because i'm at school. So having made that decision I am actually getting excited for kittens. I've never seen anything give birth except for my guppy. On tv th ough but that doesn't really count. I hope i don't missit.
She will be 60 days May 28, and 65 days June , 2nd.
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If you are going to allow her to continue with the pregnancy, please stop her outdoor access and definitely stop her catching things outside - they need regular de-worming when they hunt, and if she is pregnant, you have to watch what you worm her with.
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Okay, so do you know of any wormers that are safe to use for her?

As for an update on Spike, hes doing okay. He is eating canned dog food because he likes it better than dry food, and he doesn't have much of an appetite for anything. I am really nervous to see him tonight a 5. My mom calls him Spikenstein because all the hair he has is on the top of his head, and his eye is really black and huge from the swelling and it has suctures on it. So I guess I will see what he looks like tonight though...
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Watching her give birth sounds like a fun thing, but i hope you are up to the expense of spaying and neutering both her and all of her kittens when the time comes, or you are going to be absolutely inundated. Also, be prepared that some of them may not survive..
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the ones that my friends do not take will be spayed or neutered.
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I am sorry I have not been on but ya can see why am sure. How are things going.
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Just a friendly reminder to everyone ... let's not shove advice down the OP's throat here. If she doesn't want to spay/abort, that is her choice, not ours.

We are here to help her no matter what she decides to do. So let's all try to remember that what WE may think is the right thing to do for US may not be the right thing for everyone else.
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz View Post
I am sorry I have not been on but ya can see why am sure. How are things going.
Things are going good, with Kali and Spike and all the other animals here. Spikeis feeling better today much more active. his eye also looks MUCH better! yay! i've got some pics of him here. But i couldn't really get a good pic of his head, he likes to move, unlike blacky. andin one pic my mom turned on the light as soon as i clicked the button so it has a glare i think. but it wasnt too bad so i wonder how it will turn outnow. Spikes hair gets stuck in his suctures alot but we can't really do anything about that and he keeps running into things. because its alittle different for him to see. i think hes going to get better at that though. he has lost some weight but hes got his appetite back, so i bet he will gain it all back.


Blackjack . Blacky

i would have put pics of kalli up but today i went out side afteri came in to get my camera and she wasn't in the barn so after calling for her for 5 minutes i went inside. then the next time i went out she was there and i didn't have my camera

EDIT: i'm sorry i just realized that i forgot to flip the pic of spikey around on my image zone thing, so for now untill i either do that or get a better pic, can you **** your head to the side? lol sorry. XD
oh well i guess it took that as a cuss word. i meant it to be c0ck. and spikes left eye looks green for some reason, its not.. . green eye instead of red eye, it must have been the glare
Not too long before the surgery. Spike.

thats a frame from my camera.
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Sorry, i missed your question about wormers - you are best off asking your vet, as I am in the UK so some of the brand names are different. Good luck.
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Okay, thanks.
Here are some pictures of Kalli I took today.

She is eating here, as usual....

Sunbathing on the cement..
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Your dog's are gorgeous. Spike looks a bit like my dog, George.

Kalli looks very pretty and heathy.
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Thank you, and yes Spike and George do look alike! Is he all poddle, or does he have other breeds in him? It kinda looks like with his tail flipped up like that he could have some shih tzu in him . Very cute
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My mother wanted a full pedigree Bischon Frisée because she thinks they are adorable so we waited almost a year until we found a breeder who had a litter 'near' us. Anyways, we drove six hours to this woman's house and we get there and discover she 'forgot' to mention that they were only half Bischon. Anyways, so George and his siblings were half Bischon and a quarter cocker spaniel and a quarter poodle.
I was getting ready to leave and then I notice my mother has the monster of the litter craddled in her arms telling the breeder that this is the dog she wants.
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Well isn't that lovely, don't you just love people like that. She purposely didnt say that. I would guess that she thought that you wouldnt' but a puppy from her if it wasn't purebred. So she had you drive all the way down, and of course noone could resist a cutepuppy. But he is cute anyways!!!!
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so it would be 3 weeks today for kalli. she is sleeping alot, like all the time, and before she was reallly active, running around, catchig things, playing with the dog. now all she wants to do is sleep, and eat. she loves the bunnies too, she lets them climb all over her! its pretty cute.
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how are things... sorry I was gone but new baby is alot of work.
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I too was wondering how everything is doing.

Update when you can.
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I bet a new baby is alot of work! I couldn't even imagine...

Everything is going good so far! Kalli is still tired and sleeping all the time. Eating alot too. Which is different for me, because before she wanted to play all the time. She is purring so much more too. Before she purred alot more than most cats, but now even if it looks like you are goign to get near her to pet her, she starts purring! What a little motor. I've heard from my mom that she is getting bigger, which also is news to me because I heard that doesn't happen untill later on. She will be four weeks on Thursday. Which is when I get to see her, for a week. So I will be able to updatemore on her once I see her.
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