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Sorry baby

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I came home Friday night to find a feral on my porch. He's not one of the usual 4 who come looking for food as I call out. I've only seen this guy once or twice in the past year.

He was a gorgeous orange tabby, fat and healthy looking. He obviously didn't die from the cold..he was all stretched out. No bite marks on him. I can't figure what killed him.

He's warm now, and well fed. Chase a butterfly, baby.

How did he know to come to my door? How did he know I would mourn him?

I'm sorry I didn't know your name.
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Poor kitty! He knew he would be loved and mourned at your house, thats why he came there.

Rest in peace big guy. You were loved.
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he knew to come to his house were someone would care and mourn his passing

R.I.P sweet baby
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How sad. He knew that you would care about him.

RIP sweet guy
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kitty knew there was a loving heart there and that you would do the right thing

RIP Sweet Orange Kitty, run & play with your new fur-family over the Bridge
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That poor sweet boy. RIP precious one knowing you were loved.
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He came to you because he knew where he could find love and someone to think about him as he crossed over the bridge

Play happily over the bridge sweet tabby boy
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I have said it before, animals just know where animal people live, he came to your house because he knew you would care about him.

He is now at peace over at the bridge, and he is warm and he will never be hungry again.

RIP sweet kitty.

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Poor little guy, somehow he found a place for a final rest. And he knew that there would be many people like yourself who would mourn his passing, but be happy to know that he is now happy and healthy and loved.
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Such a sad loss! I do hope that he wasn't an inside/outside cat that is being searched for vainly... Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, orange kitty, and know that the TCS community mourns your loss and that Heaven opens it's doors wide for you. Bless you, Sweet, for caring for those feral kitties who come to your home - you are a true cat angel
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I had a similar experience recently. I came home to find a completely unapproachable feral boy waiting for me on my porch. When he didn't run away, it really freaked me out. We weren't able to save him, but he let us handle him and try to help. I think they just know where to go. I know it's very tough to deal with.

I'm very sorry for your loss.
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Oh the poor sweetie! You're safe and warm now, honey, and playing happily over the bridge!
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Precious Orange Tabby....
you knew where to go as you crossed to the bridge...
near someone cared.
RIP darling boy.
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I'm so sorry, the poor baby Like the others have said he came where he knew there was love waiting for him, but he'll be waiting for you at the other end of the bridge one day to thank you

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Originally Posted by ProudKittieMom View Post
he knew to come to his house were someone would care and mourn his passing

R.I.P sweet baby
that about says it
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Aw he must have known that you were a kind person and would take care of him even after death. Rest In Peace little one.
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RIP sweet angel
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