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Request: Favorite Pics of Your Kitties Sleeping (for a gallery)  

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Hey guys!

Sorry its been so long since I've posted. I've been super duper busy - currently I have a full time job and two internships, working six days a week!

Anyhow, I'm interning at a marketing agency, and my team has decided that it's time to BRING BACK THE NAP!

We're going to put together a site dedicated to professional napping - napping at work, etc. Part of the site will include user-submissions of themselves or their friends/family/co-workers or even pets sleeping.

To get the ball rolling, I'm using some of my own content, and also was hoping I could get some of you guys to help me out!

Awesome pics of your kitties sleeping, or even you or others sleeping would be great. Seeing other great pics will help others get motivated to post their own.

If you could post links to any napping exploits here, or email them to me at ****, I'd really apprecaite it!

Just note that if you post them here or email them to me, they will likely be posted to this website. I just need to be sure that you are aware of this and feel that it is ok.

We're looking to put it up around the second week of March, and I'll keep you all updated on that if you submit.

Thanks! I'll post some of mine in a little bit when I get them together...


EDIT: I've created a Flickr group if any of you guys would like to post there.

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Sounds like a lovely project. I'm afraid we can't allow for this to go through this site though. There are legal implications to this, especially when photographs of human models are concerned (all the more kids, btw). I'm not sure what kind of marketing agency you work with, but IMHO you guys should consult with your lawyers prior to soliciting pictures on the net. You never know for sure where this pictures actually are. Much safer to purchse stock photography pictures (could end up a lot cheaper than a lawsuit too ).

Either way, I'm afraid we can't have this kind of exchange here on the board. Let me state here officially, that TCS does not endorse this request in any way or form. Those sending you pictures will have to contact you via PM and receive further details. We don't allow posting of emails on posts either, so please folks, use the PM button

Thank you for understanding

As always, any questions or comments, please refer them to me or one of our mods/admins via PM.
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