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Would anyone be willing to make me a new signature? I want the pictures in my current one in there, but I don't have any fancy things to be able to make it more size-appropriate. I can easily send the photos or give a link to my PhotoBucket album so you can get to them.

Please message me if you are up to it.


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I'll move this to the signature shop
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Since your sig is very oversized, I have deleted it from your sig and edited it into your post.
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This is how small it has to be

If you want one made, you can post your pics in the siggy shower request thread and have some made
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Wow! That's small... Well, if anyone is willing to make me a new one (even if it just has the pictures of the cats in it), that'd be good. I have a variety of photos I need to upload, but can share them.

I'll delete the siggy I have right now for now because it's so big.
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