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Hissy's story - come and give your feedback!

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Mary Anne's (Hissy) story had made it to the finals in the contest!!!

You can see it here - it's the one titled "A Cat of Courage":

Please give the thumbs up on their feedback forum!
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It was a wonderful story Mary Anne! I might just write something myself and compete with you in the next round! I really hope that you win - your story deserves it!
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It really was a wonderful story... I hope you win too Hissy. I do want some warning next time though... I was in tears - and I'm at work!
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That story always makes me teary eyed. I can't comprehend how someone can be so cruel and heartless.
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Oh MaryAnne, that story always makes me cry too!!!!! You deserve to win, girl!!! Your writing is so awesome!!!!!!! You have such a way with words, you make people actually "feel" your story, not just read it.
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By the way, I registered and left a comment there, I hope it will help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You really have a talent Hissy!
Bless you..and here's hoping you win!
Debby had the right idea - I went back and registerd too!
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That is such a wonderful story Hissy. It just brought tears to my eyes. Good Luck!!!!!!!!
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I so pray you win!!!!! It is so well told, I think one would have to be just heartless not to cry while reading Dunkin's story. And it is so well written. If the goal of writing is to involve the reader, to make us feel and yet communicate the story, you managed that times 10. Times 100. They story makes you cry like a baby, and yet it is so heartwarming. It accomplishes so many things at once. You HAVE to win.

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Hissy - cats everywhere owe a debt to you and your kind. That was a truly beautiful and moving narrative.

I have added my comments to the site and hope and pray your story comes tops.
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Thank you all for your kind words. I guess my writing does move people and that was slammed home yesterday when I woke up to find my hubby at the computer reading "A Cat of Courage" and bawling his eyes out. Dunkin was really his kitty. She held it against me that I was the one who always took her to the vet and she preferred Mike's chest at night, and his lap in the mornings.

I miss her so much- there is huge hole in our lives right now that she used to fill. I still keep thinking I see her curled up by the heater at night- and playing cat door patrol- she used to sit by the cat door inside the kitchen and swat at all the other cats when they came in and out! LOL Some quit coming into her kitchen domain and started using the second door in the bedroom. She had an impressive way about her. I know we made the right choice, I know she would of never chosen the path of treatment. I just wish it would quit hurting so much.
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Mary Anne - what you're doing is the best. Both Dunkin and Shredder live on through your stories and you use the stories to come to terms with the sudden and premature passings of these brave animals.

Some take the pain inwards, others channel their pain into such touching recollections as yours. Each person deals with their loss in their own way, but I'm sure that both for you and Mike this is the best way to deal with your own particular pain.

Either way - thanks very much for sharing your memories with us.
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I liked your story about Dunkin I hope you win! You have such talent with writing. Have you ever thought about writing short stories or something to that nature?
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