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Split Pea Soup recipies

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So I have a ham hauk(sp) from New Years in the freezer. My DH loves split pea soup and I want to make it but have no idea how. I have a crock pot if that helps. It was a 8 pound ham to start so that should give a size refeance. It is taking up space so I need to use it soon or it goes. Any other ideas on what to do with it are also appreciated.
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ooooooooo we love Pea & Ham soup !

chop your ham into small pieces
finely chop one large onion
finely chop 1-2 cloves of garlic

fry these together

when the onions are soft add 1 pint of chicken stock

cook until it simmers add ground black pepper - no need for salt enough in ham

Now for you peas ? I usually add 1 packet of frozen peas or 1 large tin of mushy peas - it all depends what I have in - so just add your peas - if not pre-cooked just follow the instructions, cook them off, then add.

cook until this simmers

blend the whole lot to a texture that you like - I dont mind an odd bit of ham
now and then, sometimes I even leave a small amount to throw in at the end so its a bit more chunky

You might also like to swirl in some cream - so yummy !

Serve with chunky granary bread............ummmmm

off to see what I have in my cupboard now...
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I'll send my DH over from some too, he loves it and I don't so we don't make it too often. Now we do make a 15 bean soup with said ham and oh my is that yummy !!!
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