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Friday's DT

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Happy friday all! This is the Friday before our Thanksgiving weekend! I just won the Thanksgiving draw at work - $40 food voucher, cheesecake, serving platter and a bottle of wine. I have shared the cheesecake with everyone in my work unit, because my hubby doesn't like cheesecake and it was way too big for me to eat alone! Today should be a really slow day here as manyn people have taken today off for an extended long weekend. I should be on here all day, or else floating around the internet!

I hope everyone has a great day!
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Ady, Congratulations!!! Cheesecake...yummy,....Can I have a piece? Ummm, okay, just a small taste because I am trying to be good!

Nice to have you back. It was pretty quiet here yesterday. I see you are livening things up. Were you away yesterday?

No plans for the week-end for me.

But tonight....I have a few friends coming over for a BBQ and a bonfire. Probably the last one for this year. I am looking forward to sitting around the fire and having a beer. (or 2)

Have a great day everyone!
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I had a family day yesterday - I had to go with my mom to get an ultra sound and she had a questionable ultrasound. Thanks for asking.

Ghys - did you bowl last night? Can I come for the bon fire? Trust me the cake was very rich - the small piece I had went right to my hips.
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Hope it goes well for your mom.

Yes, I did get to bowl. Hubby did not have to work after all. However, I should have stayed home. I bowled a game of 106.

Yep....come on down to the Bonfire. Which means, you have to leave work NOW!!!! We're having steak, salads and Baked potatoes! I can't wait. Nothing better than a steak on the BBQ. And the bonus is that one of my friends will be BBQ'ing for me, which means....the steak will taste even better!!!!!!

Okay...guess I'll pass on the cheesecake (this time!) My hips have already been fed enough this week!
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Does the train from Toronto go to Apple Hill - If so I am on it! Steaks on the BBQ yum!
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Originally posted by Whiskers mom (talking to Ady)
Nice to have you back. It was pretty quite here yesterday. I see you are livening things up. Were you away yesterday?
Ghys, I might be wrong, but it looks like today will be a quiet day here as well.
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Originally posted by Lorie D.

Ghys, I might be wrong, but it looks like today will be a quiet day here as well. [/b]
Not if I can help it Lorie!
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Go for it Ady!!!!
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Good day, all. Steaks on the BBQ...*drool* Our fire ban FINALLY got lifted so we can actually grill again. Nothing like grilling in the cold. LOL It's been so nice, we've had steak, hamburgers and brats this week.

This has been kind of a strange week here. I mean, a slow day happens every once in a while, but a whole week? Where is everyone?!?!

Lorie, we may have to start a road trip, with or without Mr. Cat, as a search party for many of our regulars.

Also, Cindy, I didn't respond yesterday to your post, but CONGRATULATIONS on being able to quit Walgreens and go back to school!
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Hi everyone, I'm here. I haven't been in a posting mood lately.

We are getting our first cool front of the season this weekend. I'm so excited!!!! Sunday the high is going to be 67 degrees F and Monday the high is going to be 62!!! So, I'm going to bring out the warm clothes this weekend.

I'm going to dig out my Halloween decorations this weekend, should be fun.
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Sabra, I am decorating for Halloween this week-end also!! I love doing that. It's the cleaning up after that I don't look forward to.

Ady, the train from Toronto arrives in Cornwall, which is not far from me. So....what time shall I pick you up?????

Heidi, what are brats?????? I have 2 at home. They are 7 and 4 but, I'm not sure if it's legal for me to grill them!! Actually, they arn't brats so I guess they're safe for this week! :LOL:

Lorie, it is quiet but it seems to be picking up with all you guys here now!
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom

Ady, the train from Toronto arrives in Cornwall, which is not far from me. So....what time shall I pick you up?????

Heidi, what are brats?????? I have 2 at home. They are 7 and 4 but, I'm not sure if it's legal for me to grill them!! Actually, they arn't brats so I guess they're safe for this week! :LOL:
Let me check the train schedule and then I'll get back to you! I'll bring the bottle of wine i won today as part of the Thanksgiving package.

Gys - brats is short for bratwurst, aka sausage. Yum! You guys are making me hungry - I am off for lunch!
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Heidi, if we have to go on a search for the missing members, maybe we could just borrow a couple of credit cards from Mr. Cat. That way we could take the road trip in comfort and style. Hahahaha!!!! BTW, what do you think of this ride???? It's a 20003 model Mercedes S-Classic, or something like that.

Of course we'd have to eat steak every day too. Wouldn't Mr. Cat be surprised when he got the bill?
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Ghys - I just love Halloween. It's just so festive :witch:

Oooooooh, Ahhhhhhhh, I want to drive the Mercedes. Can I, Can I, Please Please!!!!

Mmmmmmm, bratwurst. I'll cook up some sauerkraut, yummy! I just love German food; gee do ya think it could be from my German heritage?
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I'll be the passenger - that way I get to flirt with the cute guys in the other cars without jeopardizing everyone's safety!
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Oh! Bratwurst. Ummmm.... I am sooooo having a "duh" day! Maybe I should just remain quiet for the remainder of today. (As if that is possible!!!!)

Sabra, I used to live in Lahr, years ago...... Germany is so beautiful! I remember eating Goulash quite a bit but cannot recall what it is!! :LOL: Stew of some sort?

BTW: I'm in for the trip also. Missing people, here we come! I kind of got lost somewhere along the line on the last trip so this time, I will pay attention!
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Ghyslaine, We were looking for you on the last trip. We waited at Scotty's Restaurant while Mr. Cat and Britney Spears took a side trip and stranded us in Death Valley. I was waiting for you; so was Lorie. We knew you'd want their rattlesnake stew!
I like my steak medium well, if you don't mind. And will we be having mushrooms? Corn on the cob? I know it's late, but you can get it frozen........Oh, yum! I love steak and mushrooms!
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Ghys - I will be making goulash this weekend to try out my new crock pot. I am of Austo-Hungarian descent and goulash is a stew that has onions, potatoes and a lot of paprika. I am hungry again!
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Don't know if y'all remember this or not, but about a week ago I told my supervisor, the accountant, that she had made a check out to the wrong agency. She got real snappish and said "Well, I won't change it. They will take it." Well, they didn't take it. HAHAHAHAHA! They sent it back saying that the check was made out to the wrong agnecy, which is exactly what I said in the first place. Now, of course, she won't say anything to me that I was right (although if I hadn't said anything it would have been my fault for not pointing it out ), but I know I was right.

Sorry, had to gloat to someone!
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Heidi, Goody, goody, as we used to say when we were kids. I hope she gets told about it! It's nice to be vindicated, isn't it?
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Hi everyone! Actually had to go into NYC today. We'll be leaving just in time to catch all the traffic, so it should only take 3 or more hours to get home (it's raining, on top of it) LOL! Oh well. We've got a radio, and I'm not driving!

Ady - congrats! What a great ending to the week.
...and you, too, Heidi. It DOES feel good, doesn't it?

And with all this talk of food, you guys are making me soooo hungry. Stew, goulash, bratwurst, barbecue - YUMMMMMM :tounge2: (Bratwurst is on my list of obsessions!)

...I think haloween is my favorite holiday. Do you guys celebrate that in Canada? We always help friends with their haloween party. Haven't thought about what I'm going to be this year - better get working on it.

One year I won best prize for being a baked potato! Wrapped myself up in one of those crinkly silver emergency blankets, stuffed it with newspaper. Cut a corner off a breakfast cereal box and taped yellow paper over it. Bought a bunch of parsley, and voila! I borrowed the blanket, so the whole thing cost about $1.29.

Oh - BTW. I love the mercedes. Much better than the last ride! Will you guys be able to swing out East?
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Definately we celebrate Halloween in Canada. It is one of my fav times of year. The only thing I don't like is the older kids who come to your door, not even wearing a costume and expect candy! I just love seeing the little kids - they are so sweet.

Heidi - that is great when you are vindicated like that.

Well I am headed home in about 15 minutes with my vouchers, platter and bottle of wine - I was suprised no one attacked my wine at work today! I hope everyone has a great weekend and happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!
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Hello, all. My day started with a disaster - our coffee maker croaked! Bil made boiled cowboy coffee - not so good.

Had a, fairly, quiet morning at work but, after lunch, they came out of the woodwork. Within 1/2 hour, I got a crazy man, who sprayed himself with deodorant and talked to a pen and a cigarette; a crackhead, flying high; a thief, trying to return stolen merchandise for a refund and one of our regular nuts, who's been banned from the store. :disturbed Thank God, Bill had ordered the pizza and the house was calm, when I got home.

I bought a new coffee maker, before I left the store so, I'll be somewhat human, tomorrow. Only two more weeks of this craziness!!!
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