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cat gets his own food

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I let my cat self-feed with one of those dry food dispenser setups, works fine 'cause he's pretty active and isnt putting on weight. Even with plenty of food whenever he wants it, he opens up the cupboard door and chews through the bag of food to get whats inside, creating a huge mess. Ive since moved the cat food out of his reach. Guess it must be more fun that way?
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Mine do this too if I'm silly enough to set a bag down for a few minutes.
I think Sho likes the feel of the paper on his teeth because he will not eat the food through the hole.
I use plastic food storage bin to keep their food in, they can try but there's no way they can chew through that.
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Just get a good Tupperware or other plastic storage container for the food. We have the tall plastic Iams containers we keep the dry food in. I've had my rexes tear open the bags - always kept them in other containers so they could not help themselves to food
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Even tupperware cannot deter the determined Aby!!!! Muahahahaha!!!

I have seen 3 of my abys gnaw at the Royal Canin bins that I have...didn't break though though!!!
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Alley used to claw through her bags all the time, but only if it was a new unopened bag. I don't know if she thought the food in it was "fresher" than
the opened bag or what.
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im glad my cats and dog dont do this, i keep their bags of food on the floor by their food dishes.
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Wait a minute... maybe this is a GOOD thing! If our cats begin to handle feeding time themselves, can scooping their own litter be far behind?
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