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This makes me mad.

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It doesn't make me mad that they were playing the sound to the cat to see a reaction, but it did seem a bit much that they did it so many times and for so long.
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the cat must be a mother. When I played the video, Spooky came running over to see where the distressed kitty was.
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idk, when I played that video bella came running over to the computer and she just kept searching around and sniffing out the computer, My kitties here kitties all the time on the net so that really doesnt bother me all that much but they did do it for so long, but then look at me who played the whole thing and there was bella so r we really much better ??
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I only played it for a few seconds, as it was realy stressing Gordito.
Nacho only pointed his ears towards it. (hes sitting in a shoebox beside me)
Orion looked up, but continued licking himself.

But Gordito.. he was sleeping and woke up.. jumped off the chair and was looking for the kitties. Jumped onto the desk and pddrowed.. and then I stopped it because he was clearly getting upset.
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as soon as it started my kinda of stray cat came running up and everytime mum cried he cried never seen him like that before.
i think that was crule . by the looks of it she was mum cat and they were her babys. she was despertaly trying to find her little ones. how people think thats funny is beyond me.
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