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Smells sooo good.

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We just recently switched our laundry detergent from Purex to Gain, and my goodness, what a difference! I love this stuff!

Anyway. Mum has tghis fuzzy housecoat that she never wears now because the cats have taken it over. Well it had become covered in cat hair, and overdue for a washing.
So today she washed it up, and put it back on the foot of her bed where it was before. Cappy always lays on it, while sucking on the fuzz, and eventually falls asleep. Well, he came out to visit me on the couch while I was watching the oscars. I was scritching him and gave him a kiss on the head.. when I noticed how pretty he smelt!
He smells JUST like the Gain.

Purdiest smelling kitty ever.

I don't know if it's because he's long haired that he retains the scent.. because the other cats don't smell like it, even though they lay on it too.

But I'm not complaining.
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I can't use any detergent that has strong smells as they irriate me but I am really glad that you like the gain that you guys switched too. And glad that your kitty smells good as opposed to bad!
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Ah! I love the Gain "Apple Mango Tango" scent!! Its my favorite out of all the detergents out there! It smells soooo good!!
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Fred always retains the smell of my next door neighbour's wood burning stove if I leave the back screen door window open to look out of in the daytime on a not too cold day. Nermal doesn't for some reason. It must be a fur type thing.
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he still smells good.
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I Love Gain to I also use there fabric softner
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I love Gain as well. I use Tide now, and I LOVE those new scents, especially the lavender.

Cairo picks up smells in her long fur as well. It's really awful when a smoker comes to the house as she is completely drawn to the smell of cigarette smoke and ends up smelling like a smoker's clothes.
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I love fresh laundry smell
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