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Sad News About Lucy

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Lucy has sadly taken a stroke. It is not her first, but to our knowledge her third. She got over the last two (just over a year ago) but I'm doubtful if she'll get over this one. The last time her eyes still had fire in them. This time, that fire has dimmed. I fear her time is coming. She is at least 17 years old, going on 18 - that we know about.

Regardless of what happens, please send out your healing thoughts and prayers for her.

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I'm praying for you and your baby. I hope she pulls through it...
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{{{vibes}}} coming your way!
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Our thoughts and prayers are with her and you.
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Lucy is bathed in healing light... you are both in our thoughts.
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Healing vibes to your precious Lucy and hugs to you.
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I am so sorry, sending out prayers and hugs for you and Lucy.
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Oh my that is sad news, heres sending lots of healthy soothing (((((( vibes )))))) for precious Lucy.
Take care and if you can, please keep us posted we are all thinking of you
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Lucy and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us know how she's doing when you can.
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for Lucy

Please keep us updated on her.
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Aww poor Lucy. I'll be praying she gets over this one as well as she did the last.
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The poor baby Sending Lucy some ((((((((((MEGA HEALING VIBES))))))))))

Please keep us updated
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I'm sorry to hear about this very sad news. Sending lots of prayers to you and Lucy
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.........just checking in..........hows things today ?

more (((((( vibes )))))) still coming
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Sending prayers and healing vibes to your Lucy and a big hug for you
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More hugs and many <<healing vibes>> being sent your way..
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lots of healing vibes for Lucy and hugs for you I hope she can pull through, the poor dear
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My thoughts are with you and Lucy. Sending lots of hope and wishes your way, that she can pull through this.
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for Lucy!
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I'm so sorry to hear about Lucy. Good vibes for her and for you, that you have strength to deal with this situation and do whatever is best for her.
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Well, Lucy is still under my bed but much more responsive than she was in the early hours of this morning. When I stroked her last night, she just sat there and didn't really respond.

Today, she ventured out from under my bed and went and used her litter box. She was a little steadier on her feet than she was yesterday when she kept falling over. When I stroke her she is so much more responsive and has got her purr back. She hasn't eaten since yesterday morning, but I've put some fresh food out for her (she can see me from under the bed) and I thought she was going to come out for some but she decided against it.

Her eyes still don't seem to be focusing properly but they are definitely much brighter than they were yesterday.

The first time she took a stroke (that I know of - we got Lucy as a rescue nearly 11 years ago and she's always been slightly slow down one side), it was after that major illness when she spent 4 days hospitalised at the vets. The first 24 hours was pretty much as has happened this time. On the second day she started coming out from under our bed herself. By the third day she was able to jump off and on our bed again and spent most of the day curled up on our bed. After that episode, exactly a week later she had a second stroke but recovered within 24 hours.

The difference with this one is yesterday she was sick (vomiting). On Saturday night we knew one of the cats had been sick (she only gets on with one cat, Snowy who she's known since he was a kitten and he gets to sleep in our bedroom when he wants as he is also feline company for Lucy and they are really fond of each other) but we put it down to the start of the furball season. It's starting to get warmer here and the cats will soon start shedding their winter coats. She was sick a few times last night. I didn't sleep at all last night. That seems to have stopped now. I wondered perhaps if there's been something wrong with one of the sachets of food because the interesting thing is neither cat ate very much on Sunday. One thing Lucy and Snowy love is their food and they both ate a bit then turned their noses up. I wonder if it's upset her tummy, and Lucy being very elderly it's brought on the stroke.

We're going to give her another 24 hours and if she hasn't improved any more we'll take her to the vet. We decided at this point not to take her to the vet as it would be very distressful for her and might make matters worse.

She is a very old cat - at least 18 - maybe older, and perhaps I'm being selfish but I want to keep her with me as long as I possibly can. My son and I sat up till about 5am. He summed it up in a nutshell. He said that Lucy was my anchor point - and she is. When my son took seriously ill with kidney failure 5 years ago when he was 15, after he was transferred to a hospital nearer home (I'd been living in the hospital accommodation) and was able to commute on a daily basis, Lucy never left my side. A couple of years later when my husband took a near-fatal heart attack, again Lucy never left my side for a moment. She always seems to know how I feel.

Although I have another 9 cats, Lucy is a one-off. Over the years, I will have more cats, some special needs cats, but I will never have one as unique and beautiful as Lucy. Despite horrendous cruelty in the years before we got her, she is the most loving and trusting of all my cats. I can't imagine my life without her, yet I know I must because one day, maybe soon or maybe later, I will have to let her go with love. When this dreaded day comes, I will let her go with peace and love but I shall miss her dreadfully.

Since her illness in 2005, we've known she's been on borrowed time, and no matter what happens I will always be grateful for the extra 14 months I've had with her. I hope and pray she recovers and I have her for a little longer.

This is Lucy taken in September last year. You can see her damaged leg where the paw turns under.

Lucy and Snowy having fun playing "pounce" - a favourite game.

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Oh bless her heart she is precious...many healing vibes being sent to your sweet girl. I will remember her in my prayers.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Oh bless her heart she is precious...many healing vibes being sent to your sweet girl. I will remember her in my prayers.
praying Lucy will continue to improve...
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It's good to hear that Lucy seems to be doing better. More healing vibes and hugs for all coming your way.
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She is such a little sweetheart. I hope she continues to get better and that you'll have many more precious moments to share.
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She seems to be quite bright and purry at times and at others very quiet and subdued. I feel the next 24 hours will be crucial.
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Sending strong {{{Get Well}}} vibes for Lucy.
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Lucy is a special lady indeed

Thinking & praying for you & sweet Lucy.........
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I am glad she is holding her own today. Maybe you will get another miracle and she will get better.
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Lucy slept for a couple of hours last night on her favourite place - my husband. She managed to jump up on the bed herself. She did the same this afternoon - I've just spent the last 3 hours curled up with her (I fell asleep) but she still won't eat or drink, not even her favourite - tuna fish. She keeps swallowing a lot as if she has a sore throat (a bit like we do when we've got a cold and your mouth gets dry) but she isn't displaying any signs of having a cold. She is also still a little bit shaky on her legs.

I think that old-age has finally caught up with her and suspect she may have either renal or liver failure. I hope I'm wrong. I have an appointment with our vet tomorrow afternoon. He is a very good vet and pulled her through the last time. We can only hope and pray that it is something that can be sorted out, perhaps a minor infection but only time will tell.
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