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Question regarding Low Ph Feline Food

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I have a cat that is 6 years old, was diagnosed a couple of years ago with a urinary blockage. Now he is on a Low pH vet diet for the rest of his life and currently eating Eukanuba Low pH.

Recently, we have brought in a 12 year old outdoor kitty from the weather. We are trying to socialize the two, since my indoor cat is very lonely. He is very curious about her, but she is very resistive to him and we are taking our time with the 'introductions'.

However, I don't want my low pH kitty eating the regular food since the vet told me it could kill him, but I am curious to know if the low pH food is okay for a 'normal' kitty to eat? Would it harm her if she ate his food? I feed her at set times, so I don't have to worry about my other kitty eating her food.
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Welcome to TCS.

Feeding the "Low pH" food to a cat that doesn't have a medical need for it can encourage the formation of calcium oxalate crysals in the bladder. Unlike the struvite crystals that can be dissolved with diet, calcium crystals form stones that require surgery for removal, so they are something you want to avoid. Older kitties are more prone to calcium stones, so you have a valid concern about the new 12 year old.

Small occasional amounts of your boy's Eukanuba would do no harm, IMO...but I would suggest feeding them their own foods, separately if possible. EDITED TO ADD: I just re-read your post, if she's 'filling up' on her food and staying out of his for the most part, I think that's fine.

You might want to ask your vet about this food:


It's a prescription food, and it is formulated to prevent BOTH types of crystals. I would suggest looking into it anyway, as your boy gets older...as sometimes kitties that used to have struvite crysals get the oxalate type later in life, especially when they're on acidifying (low pH) diets. As far as I know, the SO food would be safe for both cats. If your vet can't get it or doesn't want to, you might call around and see if another vet stocks it or can order it. That would be another option.
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You need to have a frank talk with your vet ... the SO food may work or your vet may figure something else out
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Thanks for the response.

We do feed them seperately. Currently, the 12 year old is perfectly content to remain in our bedroom, so I just close the door when I feed her. And my other cat eats in the kitchen.

I wasn't sure about if the food would harm another kitty. I am looking for another source of food for my low pH kitty. I don't think he really likes the food. He'll eat it because that's all there is, but I think he remembers the
'good ole days' of kitty treats and yummy food lol. I feel for him now because the vet told me not to give him anything other than this food. I buy the wet version of it and give that to him for special treat. Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he just turns his nose up to it. So I will ask my vet about the food. Thank you!
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