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New pics!!

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Hi all! I was able to take some new pics of 3 of the girls (with their new ear tips! if you havent seen my threads about them, they have been TNR'd, neighbors were irresponsible, let their cats breed for a looong time, and weren feeding them enough, so I started feeding them, etc), and of course new pics of my boys! Just had to share! *big hugs all around!*

Tabbitha in her favorite box.

Lily and Yoda *Best Friends*




My precious boys!

They always slap and bite and wrestle when their food is being prepared! LOL


Trixter, the King, sunning himself.



Trixter LOVES his ghetto-fabulous box house! lol. I taped the box up like a little house for fun, and he actually likes it! :P


Smeagol is so cute, yet such a little snot!! lol



I love my babies. It's fun to share pics of them. Be sure to o0o0oh and AaAahh and let me know how adorable they are. lol!

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Very very sweet babies you have!! I had to double take on that Lilly and Yoda thread!! I have a cat Lilly and dog Yoda!!
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LOL! Thats awesome! And thank you!
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Oh my, so adorable, I wanna get those

Nice pics
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o my what cuties u have there just sooo cute
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Awww Such cute babies!
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What a beautiful fur family you have!!!
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They are cute and adorable
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