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Do your cats chew on your hair??

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Toby has a fetish with my hair Hes sitting on my head right now as I type Giving me lots of kisses and chewing on my hair!!

Do your babies do that??
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After I wash it and it's wet, they'll try. Mostly Lola when she was a baby and now Addie. Sometimes Addie will bite and pull at it when I'm trying to sleep, but she's a pain in the butt at 4am for a variety of reason, not just that
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If I just get out of the shower or tub, Squee tries to suck water out of my hair (I have really long hair, it goes waaaaay down my back).
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No, they've never tried!
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Yup, when Pekoe is trying to nurse on my ear he always gets my hair in his mouth and ends up chewing on it. When I try to move it out of the way, he claws it and tries to play with it. Silly kitty. Cats can't get human hairballs, can they?
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Dusty doesn't chew on my hair, but she does try to groom it. I'll be sleeping on my side, and she'll drape herself across my shoulders and beginning licking my hair. It drives me nuts.
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Well, Captain Steuben loves hair. LONG hair. He thinks a big 'ol head of hair is like a big yarn playground that is his to swat, chew, attack, etc. And I have long, he's constantly trying to prey on it.
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One on mine Yowdy doesn't chew on it. But every night when I get into bed he comes up snuggles up and kneeds my hair untill its all tangled up! This is a nightly thing with him..
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Orion likes to.

And it depends on the type of shampoo I use that almost all my boys want to. Certain scents I guess.
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Molly loves DH's pomade and it has to be pantene. LoL
Ben loves my hair. He even finds my stray hairs in the trash and walks around with them(he is so weird).

Mom's cat Conner massages her head. LoL
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Sometimes Bella tries to lick and chew on my hair, Blue also likes to chew on my hair but not that much and when stormie was 3 months she did as well !! So its sometimes but not often in our fur bunch
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Rocket kneads my hair at night and drools in it while he's going to sleep. I wake up and look like someone ratted my hair every AM. Twig will paw at my hair at night if he wants under the covers, and if I don't react quick enough, he will bite and pull it.
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My boy Worm tries to groom my hair for me when he wants love. I won't let him, though. I have long hair and he got some in his system and it caused bowel problems. (It tangled up in his poo and he couldn't go. He had to get "flushed")
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Well Kinks will groom our hair on occasion, she tries to get it all laying down flat. But Noira will actually stand on her hind legs to reach my hair if I am laying on the bed propped up on my elbows or whatever, or leaning over the counter near her. She 'combs' my hair with her claws and then grooms it, but her grooming gets sloppy so I don't let her do it really. She is really slobbery.
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Well i can honestly say that I have not had the pleasure of being groomed by my little furbuddies. Mind you I do not have much hair right now either, just trimmed it for spring, and it will be short through to the bad weather again (hopefully november).
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Trout loves to lick my hair I have a picture of her doing it, its quite hilarious
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Trout loves to lick my hair I have a picture of her doing it, its quite hilarious
Smells a new thread about to be created. And more pics too
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Karma LOVES to eat my hair. I have tried everything, different shampoos, products you name it. Nothing will stor her. She likes to groom me. It dives my stylist nuts triing to cut my hair and make it even when I have chunks that are way shorter then the rest. So far she has had ni issues with bowl movements but I do notice every once and awhile her poop is atached together in one long line with hair holding it together.
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Peter does. He also likes to brace his paws against my head and pull my hair. It can be a little painful, but it's too endearing to complain.
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