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I am scared to cut their nails

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I got nail clipper scissors well my grandma did and I am so happy that little miss molly wouldnt stay still because man was I so scared to cut her nails and well I have always played with bellas paws to get her used to me cutting them so I had a great oppurtunity last night and I chickened out I just dont want to hurt the kitties any suggestions on making me less chicken? Also how do I get them used to getting their nails cut?? Mods if this is in the wrong place I am sorry please move it, I just didnt know where to post this thread
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I cut all my cat's nails... just be conservative and don't cut near the quick (you can see it... it's pink and triangular shaped).

You'll be fine, but if they aren't used to it, you may need a helper to hold them in place. I'm sure they'll convince you they're dying, too.... but don't believe them!
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I've always had better luck if I started when they were in a deeeeeep sleep! Be careful to stay away from the quick (the pink part)...the more you do it, the more confident you'll get about it and you'll be fine. For me though, it was always best to start when they were sleepy...I could get most of them done that way and finish up while they were still drowsy.

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see ya I know about the pink part and since I am fairly new to cutting their nails I am just doing the sharp tips and well during a heavy sleep which bella does often is when I planned to do her she could be deep and sleep and I am always messing with her paws, now Blue is going to be the tricky one, but I am just toooo scared to do them myself and here is my mom and grandma like do their nails and ect so I guess I have to get over their fear
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I think if you just have them help you once or twice you will gain the confidence you need to be able to do it on your own. Plus just stick with it and the kitties will not be upset to have you do it after a while either. Good luck!
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I always cut Spuds nails on my own. He's an easy going guy and purrs the whole time.
Siam on the other hand is trickier. It requires both my hubby and I. He holds Siam while standing since Siam won't sit in a lap unless he decides that is what HE wants to do. I just cut the tips as quickly as I can and is usually done pretty fast. A couple of times, he's growled half way through and we just stop and finish up at a different time. Just don't force it and it shouldn't be a problem. Just don't cut too far, you will feel so bad if you make them bleed. Haven't had that happen with my cats, but it happened in the past when I had dogs. I cried!
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wonderful, was thinking of doing it myself. Knew that I could make a cat bleed by cutting too far, just was not sure about how to do it. Will be keeping an eye here. Was thinking of having someone show me the first time so I can see how far they go.
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I'll move this to Care and Grooming
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Once you do it a couple times you won't be so scared! But it would be a very good idea to have someone show you the first time.
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I suggest you either have the vet tech show you the proper way, or a cat friend that knows how to cut nails. Its kinda hard to explain in text, better to show in person.

I just take the cat and lay them on their backs in my lap (kinda upside down cuddle). Then take the back feet first and firmly hold them - not too tight, but not loose enough they pull away) and gently press down on the toe till the nail sticks out.

Then take the clippers and nip off the end - most cats have white nails and you can see the pink vein that runs down - do NOT cut this - cut just after it stops or just cut the sharp tip of the nail.

Once you've seen it done and try it yourself, its not so hard or scarey.

Two things to keep in mind:

1. YOU decide when to end the session - Ling doesn't like getting her nails done - but I do them whether she's meowing or not and make her sit in my lap. Charlie purrs - so no problem with him.

2. If your cat is longhair, its a little harder to see those nails and will take longer. I had a turkish angora who was horrible at nail trimming - worse cat I ever owned and I had him as a kitten! But I got the job done - he's the only one I had to do nails in more then one session.
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some cats absolutely do not like their nails clipped. i take ruby to her vet once a month. for $5, he gets to be the bad guy, and i get the love when we get home. roxy would let anyone clip her claws. (just wanted to give you another perspective - good luck to you!)
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