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Well Blue is a bratty kittie but u no we still love her but my dad cant seem to get ready in the morning when mind u he lets her out of his room when he gets ready, and then when he goes to get his lunch ready she jumps on his leg and this i kno is true because blue does it to me every time i get something out of the fridge and I have scratches to prove it not only that but my dad also has to deal with Willie who keeps trying to get outside (its hard to make an indoor/outdoor kittie and indoor kittie only) so he has to fight with willie every mornin to race out the door so of course my dad keeps complaining (he is still getting over the fact that we have 6 cats now ) about all the cats in the morning, and well the only ones out are blue, tessa (which he lets them out of his room because the dogs want to go in, mind u my mom could do with out the dogs because well cocoa has to lay right on u and well a BIG lab kind of wakes a person up and then she cant go back to sleep and also the dogs are bed hogs and cover stealers ecspecially cocoa) and willie who has the run of the house pretty much. But wat can he say really hes the one that lets the dogs in and out 18 times a day because hes a sucker and gives in to the animals see the dogs dont do that all day but when dad comes home cocoa wants in and out alot and dad does it and of course he complains and we tell him to tell cocoa no go lay down but he simply cant, and well with willie u gotta be quick now(look at that the animals no who the sucker is in the house ) so now on weeknights I have Blue with me and Bella and Stormie, which its going alright (I think my mom is a little mad because blue doesnt sleep with her in her room shes usually under the bed but in my room I wake up with Blue, Bella, and stormie most of the time on me ) But I do think all the cats are still trying to figure out whats going on, and well i let them stay out later now because well Blue is used to sleeping with Tessa, and I am really not all for this idea but what can u do Blue and Stormie get along great now! U have to remember that Blue was a stray for most of her young life, lol she is only 8-9 months old, although I do have to hide ALL the toys now almost because she likes to eat them literally But now I have a guest in my room at night and let me tell u the other night they kicked me out of MY bed, and I have a queen size bed and its only me in it