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looking for a huge maine coon

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Im looking for (hopefully in MN) a breeder that consistently has really really big maine coons. My current cat is a fairly large maine coon, about 18lbs but with basically no fat. Hes definately noticably larger (and furrier) than most other cats. Im going to get a kitten sometime here, and I want the biggest cat possible. Any suggestions would be great. I dont plan on showing the cat at all, just a pet. Also, how much should I expect to pay?
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From a quality breeder you probably are looking at $600 or so for pets. I don't know any maine coon breeders here in MN, but I could do some checking for you

Ok here's a Minnesota breeder - looks like some decent cats - email her with your request. I do know that brown and red tabbies seem to be on the bigger side. Friend of mine on the East Coast bred red/cream MC and she had a boy that was 18 lb - huge and lovable - solid as a rock - not fat!

Here's another - she shows tonks, but also says she has maine coons - so email her too.
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Great, thanks for the links. 600 bucks though, yikes. Didnt know they'd be that much, I was assuming maybe half of that.

Are maine coons generally the largest breed of cat? What others should I look into? Im not so concerned about it being a maine coon as I am about it being really big. I know there would be large and small examples of every breed obviously.
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Ragdolls are sometimes a little larger. But you could get a little cheaper if you go for a retired adult the breeder might want to place.

We paid $600 for a ocicat kitten. But breeders were asking about $200-300 for retired adults. At the time, no breeder had a retired adult we were interested in and a very nice chocolate kitten was available - we are glad we have Charlie
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I do not know a lot about breeders. If you are looking for a purebred, then I'm probably not much help! You can also check on to search for Maine Coons that are in your area(or MN). Unless you specifically want to buy from a breeder, that's fine, too! Just did not know & thought I'd toss that idea out. Adopting from a shelter is typically cheaper as well.

Good luck in the search! I hope you find the kitty of your dreams!
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There are no certainties about any breed of cat becoming what you consider large. I, personally would consider an 18 lb cat pretty large. We have a neutered male, Maine Coon that will be two years old this coming April. He is about 15 lbs and still probably has some growing to do as supposedly the larger breeds grow until they are about 24 to 36 months old. He isn't fat, but is extremely long and not near as solid as some other breeds are. That being said, we free-feed our cats a quality, very high protein dry food and supplement with occasional feedings of a quality wet food. If you have ever been to a cat show, there are both larger and smaller of all breeds of cats. I would say that it is more of a genetic thing for one to be exceptionally large, but would probably make an educated guess that a male would become larger than a female. I have also heard that the younger a male cat is neutered that it allows him to grow larger but have no evidence to back this up....its just something that I was told. We have a neutered male Egyptian Mau that is as solid of a cat, proportionally as I have ever seen. He is about 14 lbs and shouldn't get any larger. He is just solid muscle and doesn't look like he weighs as much as he does. It really flips the vet out when we take him in and they weigh him and then re-weigh him again, thinking something is wrong with the scales. He's just solid. My only concern with any of our cats is that they are not overweight and that they are not mis-proportioned. A lot of things depends on a cats adult weight, genetics, bone structure, health, and the type of food that you feed can also determine their overall health. I would just do a search on breeders and call them and talk with them about the "general" size of their kittens when they are fully grown. The $600 price range is about what you can expect to pay from most reputable breeders. It wouldn't be impossible to find one cheaper, but I would sure check them out very well. In most cases, you get what you pay for. I also noticed that you had another post about a heart murmur in a Maine Coon. This is also a genetic thing in the Maine Coon breed as well as some other breeds. A good breeder will do their best to not breed either a male or female that has any of this defect in their it is easily passed on. As far as a murmur goes, sometimes it goes away as the kitten grows.......sometimes it doesn't.....just as in humans.

Winter Hawk
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thanks for all the responses. thinking about it, I'd really enjoy a cat from a shelter as much as I would a purebred, and then i'd also have like 500 some dollars left over. I want a kitten though. What really got me thinking about finding the biggest cat ever is this picture from, this vet is apparently 6'2 and the cat weighs 35lbs (not fat).

Pretty crazy.
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I'm sure you could find a maine coon look-a-like at the shelter. However, keep in mind that if you choose a kitten in the shelter you will not have any guarentee that it will turn out to be a big cat like your other one. So either choose an adult from the shelter, or buy from a maine coon breeder.

While the breeder can't totally predict you will have a large cat when grown, at least it will be more consistent with what they are breeding and a better indication of the size in the end
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You can get a decently large cat at a shelter. Puppy (our DSH) is 15 pounds, and he's not fat. We had trouble getting a carrier for him since he's 19 inches from his shoulder to base of tail. I think he's 13 inches high at the shoulder. He's 2, and we think he's still growing a little. He's shorthair, so he'd look even bigger if he was a longhair. We're pretty sure there's some MC in there somewhere due to the size and extra toes.
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Just out of curiosity....why the need for such a large cat? All sizes of cats are has no effect on personality. I have a 15 pounder (not fat) and an 8 pounder living peacefully together in a studio if that's your main concern.
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I presume that it's a personal preference. Some people like the look of Siamese, others like Persians. I don't like the looks of either one, but hey, personal preference. I think red tabbies are pretty and prefer them to other colors.

Having a big cat is fun. Big fluffy kitty to cuddle with. It is annoying when Pups decides he wants to flip the lightswitch or grab his toy off the table, but very cute.
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Even if its not in MN, I'm sure whatever rescue its from will help with transport just to find it a good home. There are tons and tons on petfinder.
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant View Post
Just out of curiosity....why the need for such a large cat? All sizes of cats are has no effect on personality. I have a 15 pounder (not fat) and an 8 pounder living peacefully together in a studio if that's your main concern.
I just like big cats is all, but personaly is of course the determining factor. Just a personal preference. Its more like having a wild animal, sort of. My cat kinda looks like a bobcat or lynx with the long tufts growing off his ears. Im not too worried about a size discrepancy between cats being an issue, really.
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