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Originally Posted by Leli View Post
I say let it go. I mean, it is the term for a female dog, people. If you don't like it boycott the store. If your kids have questions, explain to them the difference between using a word in it's correct context versus a slang term. Like correctly using the word retarded meaning slowed versus using it as a put down or to describe someone who has developmental delays. As in "this morning's traffic retarded the funeral procession's progress".

Some people are too easily offended.
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I think its great. ITs about time we started using words for there original meaning. There are hundreds of words all through out the our laguages that have taken on different meanings. For example, Gay originaly ment happy, Fag in the UK is a cigarette, Ghetto was originaly where the Jews were held before concentration camps. Those are just the ones I can think of because they are used so frequently, but I am sure there are more.

It is really bothering me the way we have gotton lazy with word and also to overly sensitive.

I think the people that are complaining are the same ones that want the game tag banned from schools because it makes kids feel singled out by being "IT". I mean get over it people life is life. If we try to protect the children then how will they ever learn to take care of themselves?

Protection from evil things sure but we are starting to raise a whole bunch of spoild brats.
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whats wrong with it? its the prope rterm for a female dog. people need to get over it.
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my daughter is 7 and she is a very good reader , so she does know how to read b1tch. but at the same time my children always asks what a word means if they dont know , and i have no problem telling them.
they know that it can be a bad word when calling someone it , but they also know it is used for a female dog.
i dont see anything wrong with the sign, as long as you explain things to kids there shouldnt be any misunderstandings.
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Has anyone seen the movie Best In Show? I wonder if that is where the owner got the idea.
For anyone who hasn't seen the movie, it a very, very funny Christopher Guest movie about the "Mayflower" Dog show and is filmed in sort of a documentary style. After the show ends, it follows up on the people who were showing their dogs. Two of the women had founded a magazine - and it was called "Bitch - A Magazine for Lesbians and Their Dogs"
So, my first thought was that the store owner had watched the movie and it inspired her to come up with her shop name.
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Kids are going to hear and see these words, it's a fact of life. You can't shelter children. I actually find little girls singing pop songs with naughty lyrics much more disturbing.

As for the sign being in pictures, people have found ways to keep objects, strangers, and even the sun out of pictures for years.
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