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Chances are the power nozzle belt is broken and / or there is a clog someplace between the floor tool and the cannister.

A belt costs about $3.00 and is easy to replace. Clogs can be a bit more tedious to find. Most vacuums have "trap doors" that accumulate larger stuff and can be relatively easy to clean out. However, some vacuums like my Phantom Fury have a few such places and one I need to access using a straightened out coat hanger to dig out the clog.

See if you can get yours working before going out and investing in yet another vacuum.
I found out from B that it was 12 years old. Really honestly, I didn't like the vacuum. It would really just more or less "smear" the cat hair across the area rugs.

We do have another vac (mine) but its useless on bare floors and area rugs. It's only good for carpet.