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Please help

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Well just last night, my cat was doing just fine, for example, running around and doing the ordinary cat stuff. This morning he is all exhausted and seems like it has a fever. It can't even meow. It just whimpers. It doesn't have an apettite. All it does is want to sleep. He doesn't walk around much. What do you think's happening? And how do you guys think i can help it? By the way, Today's sunday so i can't visit the vet Oh.. And he also shivers :/
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Are there any emergency vets in your area at all? I know it's more expensive, but I think you're probably going to want to take him ASAP. If there isn't, get on www.anywho.com and go looking for 24 hour vet clinics in neighboring areas. You might at least be able to call them and find out if they have a suggestion for overnight until the vet in your area opens, although if you can make it to one of them, I'd leave now.

Sending tons of best wishes and healing vibes and

Keep us updated on the precious one.
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Hi there,
I, too, would be concerned that this came on so quickly - he might have got into some poison, in which case he would need immediate attention. I would try to go to a place with a 24 hour vet clinic, or call the vet's after-hours number. This could be an emergency. Hope your kitty's alright!
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Have you checked on an emergency vet yet?
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I agree, you need to get him to an emergency vet.

I hope he'll be okay
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for your cat.

Please keep us updated on how your cat is doing.
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Any update on this kitty? Did you get him to the vet?
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