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Schamckos training tips

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A few weeks ago I bought some Schmackos (Australia) treats for my sisters dogs, on the back was a training tip advising you use a choke chain to train.

I wrote an email expressing my disgust and they are changing the packaging

We very much value and appreciate the fact that you took the time an trouble to contact us with your concerns regarding SCHMACKOS packaging
carrying advice regarding utilisation of a check chain. Like many other
aspects of our interaction with pets, dog training techniques have evolved
over the years. The feedback of customers such as yourself in this regard
is valuable and it is advice that we have heeded and we are currently
instigating a change in the specific packaging that you have identified.
As a result, we are able to confirm that over the next 12 weeks, we shall
be replacing this advice with more contemporary advice reflecting positive
reinforcement and you should see this change in SCHMACKOS pet treats
products sold through retail outlets shortly after this date.
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Way to go!! Thats awesome!! You never know when you are going to make a difference!!
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Good deal! But no worries about reading that warning here, those treats are NOT popular with my dogs so we won't be buying anymore...
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Hey thats is so brill, I bet you feel really good about that - see it does work........
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Good for you!
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thats so great
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