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Upbringing vs. Set Traits

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Hey everyone! I just thought that I would make this for fun, and I wanted to see what you guys thought. I was thinking of Sherbert when he was just a baby, and how crazy he could sometimes be! Well, then I thought about how nice and friendly he almost always is now. Do you guys find that it's their upbringing that gives them friendly personalities, or have any of you just not had success with getting a nice cat, even if you've given them nice circumstances?
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I've always had nice cats. Even the ones from unfortunate circumstances. I might just be lucky though.
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I think cats (as well as humans) are born with a certain disposition. Anyone with more than one child probably has an opinion on that as well lol.

For cats born "nice", I think environment can influence positively or, in the case of abuse, can beat the nice right out of a cat forever.

Many come back though. My kitty is naturally sweet and affectionate but was mistreated before she lived with me. I worked with her patiently for she was not too far gone, and she has become the nice cat she truly is.
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the nature vs nurture issue...I think its a bit of both. Sean seems to exhibit traits commonly associated with maine coons. he likes to play with water, is very vocal, isnt a lap cat at all but loves to follow you around the house and "help out" with whatever you are doing, he picks stuff up with his paws a lot. So certain breed traits I think are inherited like that.

When I first got him home from the rescue, he was really mean and scared, with little bits of niceness inbetween. He'd already been declawed and neutered so he was owned prior to me. they (humane society) found him slightly malnourished and with a coat so badly clumped up they hat to shave him. He was a real terror for the first few months, but now a couple years later he's the sweetest cat ever. there's still some evidence of his shady past though, i.e. his tendency to bite as soon as he get's p.o'd for some reason.
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