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Update On Charisma!

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Well we took Charisma in to the vet in the morning and she DID have high blood pressure. He said she had a fast heart beat for a kitten. He drew blood and took x-rays, and thats all really he could do. So were praying she doesn't have a heart cond. but thats what he said it looks like . He said if they catch it early she might be fine of meds but he can't be certain. He gave us blood pressure meds for her and said to keep her inside. He said bringing her did stress her but it would not of caused her to be aggressive. She doesn't have rabbies, he said to keep her enclosed in a large cage until we find out whats going on. He said she must not of fainted because she would not still have high blood pressure and a above normal heart rate . So at this moment he thinks its a heart cond. that could of been developed from a parent if they carried something. It also could be a enlarged or small heart that is causing her to grasp for air or pass out. He said if she passed out she was more than just simply worked up. So were really scared but he said try the blood pressure meds for a 7 days and bring her back in. Or if she has another attack with in 7 days rush her in.

I knew that my vet was wrong! It wasn't just a little attack or faint and he doesn't belive it has something to do with being inside. He said that just got her stressed and she raised her blood pressure etc. But he said we have to bring her in to keep a close eye on her incase she starts acting like she can't breathe. Starts throwing up or any other sign that she could have another attack. It can also lead to the "shakes" (i'm sure you all know what that is ).
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I thought the fainting answer you got the other day didn't sound right.

Sending lots and lots of good vibes to Charisma
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Sending hugs and prayers for Chrisma from Mississippi, I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Please keep us updated on how she is doing.

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The doctor said she didn't exactly faint she passed out! Which means she was out cold for about 5-6mins while we were rushing her in. He said if she fainted she would of got light headed and clunked out then woke up in a 1min or 2. She didn't she just randomly fell over and didn't wake up until a little before we got in the ER room.
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I'm with Stormy, I thought the fainting answer you got yesterday was a little off...just didn't sound right to me.
I'm glad you got an answer from the Vet.
I'll keep her and you in my prayers.

Please keep us updated.
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Exactly i think that vets a wack. I knew she didn't faint i don't think she belived me when i said she just fell over with no warning. We also have to watch for any sign of a possible heart attack since she's so young he don't know how much damage that could do to her. But now all we can do is love her and not act scared because then she will. She is sleeping a lot i put a warm bottle in with her that helps her sleep. I remember when we found her in the horse stall, she was scared and dirty. The first night i let her lay in the bed with us with a bottle filled with warm water. She was purring the whole night **sniffles**
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I'm glad you were able to get better information to help Charisma. I hope the blood pressure medication helps her. More hugs and good vibes for both of you.
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Thanks everyone. He said most heart problems now a days can be treated since it would of been caught early and she is young she will come back faster . But i can't stop crying and i know its not good to show something is wrong and to be strong for her. But i just can't!
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I'm so sorry your kitty isn't well. Bless you for following up with another vet and making sure she gets cared for properly.

I think you should write a letter to the other vet telling him what you found out. If he's aware that he blew the diagnosis for your kitty, maybe he'll try to do better for others in the future.
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Poor Charisma!

Sending lots of hugs for her and get well wishes.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
I'm so sorry your kitty isn't well. Bless you for following up with another vet and making sure she gets cared for properly.

I think you should write a letter to the other vet telling him what you found out. If he's aware that he blew the diagnosis for your kitty, maybe he'll try to do better for others in the future.
Thanks. Yeah maybe i should of confront her on it? I have the vet follow up of what tests he did and his thoughts on the case. Or maybe have my new vet contact her? To explain how she missed this and the last thing i want is her to do it again. That will just burn poor kitty owners and there cats because not everybody would of secound guessed her?
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Ahh there you are - I was wondering what happened with Charisma. I am SO glad that you took her in for a second opinion. But if you know what the problem is, it makes it easier for you to understand her and what you can do for her. Bless you - it shows that you are in tune with her.

This new vet sounds positive. I know it has been a shock for you knowing that something is wrong, but you will learn from this experience. She will be okay. After all, she has you.
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I'm going to have a MELT DOWN! He still doesn't have the blood work its been 3 days some people say it takes a few weeks? O.O is this true? He took x-rays but he wont confirm anything until he gets the blood work. He see's no problems but x-rays don't show you anything close to what blood will.
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When Eric and Palekana had blood work done recently it took about 3-4 days. I know how hard it is to be patient when you're worried and want answers. If you stay calm it will help Charisma. At least you are reasonably certain what her problem is and can start to do what is needed to help her. Let us know when you get the results from her blood work.

Hugs to all and {{{healthy}}} vibes for Charisma.
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Wow poor Charisma. But I'm glad you finally got to the bottom of it. I'll be thinking of you both and hoping her condition can be managed.
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I hope this finds your kitty doing well, I hope you hear from the vet soon also.
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Sorry its taking so long to get back with you guys we might have placed Faiths daughters. I was going to keep them but i got a healthy offer that would help keep food in the bowls for my other fur-babies . That and Charisma is racking up a vet bill, blood work is back she has something about white blood cells? Anyways he said it can be treated and reversed, but it caused her heart to work 2-3x more than a normal cat. So when i stressed her by bringing her in the house it just failed out the heart. He said really just a little stress would not of caused her to pass out but a over working heart would.

We were giving her the blood pressure meds but being younger it has a few side affects. She throws up a few times a day and she is depressed. We were doing raw diet but it was rough so we did wet but now he said mainly just wet and some goat milk. You want to clean her out some when she's on the meds. So we only do it once out of 3 meals a day just to make sure she has a healthy stool. Once she got depressed she started getting sleepy and we were worried so he is giving her anti-depression meds now as well. Its AWFUL!

Her blood pressure is still a little high so we have to keep her on the meds. She is really exhausted, we have to watch her a lot, she gets the chills so we had to put a heating pad under her blanket . But the good news is, its treatable and can be controled with out perm./any damage. It was caught early and she is on meds and its being watched. So right now were just building her back up. But we now are keeping her in the house perm. we don't want this to happen again. Thank you for all your support and prays. God Bless
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