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Can someone explain to me what all the 'bumping' means? I keep seeing it in different posts but am clueless and now, I am curious
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I think it's to push the topic to the top of the posts so more people see it.
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Ghys - People use bump to keep a thread nearer to the top, so that more people see it!
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The reason why we bump is that it keeps the thread nearer to the top so others can see it. We can't make every thread a "sticky" or important so that its permanently stuck, so this is our alternative. Hope that helps.
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Okay.....I thought it was some kind of game and I wanted tp play too! So, if I'm getting this right, you just type the word in and a moderator takes care of it??
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Actually- any word will bump a post to the top- that is one of the things I like about these forums- if you post on something 25 days ago then the board program takes the post off where it was buried and brings it to the top- until someone posts something else and then that post goes first.

Us Mods just like the word Bump.....so we bump subjects that are important at the moment.
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Okay....I am done with my "duh" moment! I get it now. As soon as you reply to a post it brings it to the top.

Thanks guys!
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Bump :laughing2
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Not laughing at you, Gyslaine, just laughing because...I don't know...it feels good....:LOL: No really, I would not have known what it meant either if I didn't already know.
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Debby, laugh away... I still am. I had such a weird day yesterday. :LOL: No matter what we were taking about at the office, I had to come out with some kind of 'funny' reply that made people stop and say "What did you just say?" I think my co-workers are still laughing too!

For more laugh at me moments:

My boss asked me to book 2 condominiums at Mont Tremblant in Quebec. He is taking all the supervisors and myself out for a management party. It's an overnight trip. We're planning on having a day of shopping and a night of partying/relaxing. Anyways.....Mont Tremblant is one of the most popular Ski resorts in Quebec. I have not been there yet but apparently it's beautiful there. So, the story goes like this: My boss: "Make sure you ask them to book condominums that are in walking distance of the mountain". Me: "Oh...there's a mountain there???" How's that for a 'duh' moment in life? My hubby said to make sure i don't tell anyone this story. Guess he's embarrased! :LOL:
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:LOL: That IS funny!!!! I guess you thought that when people were skiing they were just going to be pulled behind trucks!!! :laughing: :laughing2

Don't feel bad....I have had some really bad "duh" moments...I can't think of any right now, but trust me on this, there have been some doozies!!! :laughing:
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Ghys, just blame it on being sick. See, that's how I know that I am really getting sick because I just get really dumb.

(That's me, getting sick!)
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Ahem....I think I feel another cold coming. Saddly, it is, alas, the truth. It seems I may be relapsing from my last little bout. But the good news is: I can use it as an excuse. Right??? (pssst, thanks Heidi!)

Funny part about the mountain thing is that I completely forgot about the fact that it is a ski resort. My mind was focused on the room rentals and the fun we'd have, and the shopping.... why let a mountain get in the way of all of that????
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