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Poor puppy.....

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Max is not feeling well today. It seems that in the night the cats knocked their food dish off their shelf, and some of the spill ended up on the floor. Max ate it and threw it up in the corner by the door. We cleaned it up and I took him for a walk. He threw up 2 more times on his walk, just liquid and the second time barely anything. At least now it's out of his system. He was moving very slowly on our stroll and wanted to eat snow. So, I know he's not feeling good. When we got back to the apartment he got a nice big drink of water and he's since been resting. We're not really worried......he hasn't vomitted since the walk, which was hours ago, and he's done this (eating cat food and the subsequent unpleasantness) before. He'll be feeling better soon enough, but maybe I could get some "feel better soon" and "learn not to eat anything that lands on the floor" vibes.........
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I am sending feel good hugs from Mississippi for Max, I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

Max sounds like my "grandpuppy" Tootsie, he will eat anything, except medicine, we hafta hide that in cheese.

Keep us posted on how Max is feeling
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Poor Max - the cat food was too rich for him. Of course, his tummy ache won't stop him from eating it the next time the opportunity presents itself!
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Poor Max!! I hope you feel better Max!! Silly boy you can't eat that yummy cat food!
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Oh Max, feel better soon..Once all of that "other" food is gone, you should feel better..
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poor baby! I hope he is better soon!
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Awwww, pobresito! I hope he feels much, much better soon!

Hilda >^..^<
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aww poor puppy tummy I hope he feels better soon
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Awwww, poor guy. I hope he feels better soon.
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Thanks for all the vibes. Max isn't quite back to his usual self, but he was feeling well enough to try to beg for some of the McDonalds we had for lunch. Lol not a chance, buddy. Right now he's just relaxing, watching all the cats chum around the living room. I'm sure he'll be back to his ol' self by tomorrow.
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Aww I hope Max feels better soon. Stay out of the kitty food little guy.
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