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Maya has a new sister !!

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Hello evrywone !! Me Maya here !
Now what ? Wensdee evning I got a newie sissie !!!
Our auntie Rosie found er in de cornvields !
She iz veri yong yet : 4 weekz . She needs a goodie home ant goodie yumans (and a biggie sister!) ;
Iv promisd me mommy I would be very niceeee to er .

Lut here now : The kitten is some kind of calico too , but all different from Maya . Her head is grey with stripes and her back too . The belly and the paws is white !!
YIPIE !!!! A NEWIE !!!

Oh , her name is INKA , and she is 6 weeks old : a big bundle of furr on 4 short white feet !

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Awww...she sounds SO adorable. Make sure you put up pics as soon as you can!!! I want to see her!
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Oh Lut - that's great news. Fate has again intervened and brought you and a new furbaby together.

Poor little thing. Left alone at 4 weeks. You take very good care of her now . . .

Lets have some pictures soon.
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Lut, Inka sounds like a real doll, and very lucky to have a new Mommy like you. Maya even sounds happy about having a new little sister! I can't wait to see pics of her!
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to anyone who is longing to see pics of all my babies , My website is ready !!! See it , it is full of pics and movies ! And it is made by Niina and Patrick (Kitty and Casper) !!

do not forget to sign my guestbook !!
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I've just had a quick look at your website and Inka is beautiful, what a darling little face!

You are lucky!
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Inka is just as beautiful as you described her. What a lucky find she is - and she is also very lucky to have such a great family!
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