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My male long haired maine coon mix Jinx has a bumply rash on the side of his face. He hasnt lost any fur, I can only feel the rash not see it. It extends from the side of his lower jaw back to the bottom base of his ear. I am writing because I dont have the money to take him to the vet, and it doesnt seem to bother him too much, but I would like some input on what it could be. It isnt oozing anything, it isnt bleeding....it feels very similar to exzema(I have it)dry and consisting of many little pinprick sized scabs. Besides this he is healthy as a horse, he is only 10 months old and fed premium food(Artemus). What can I do to soothe the rash and what could it be are my main questions I guess....
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Skin problems are often difficult for even a vet to diagnose. I suppose it could be feline acne? There are others on this forum better suited to offer information on that. What kind of food/water bowls do you use? Do they get cleaned every meal with hot water and soap or in a dishwasher? There are others here that I'm sure will offer suggestions and things to try. If it gets any worse or starts oozing then he really is going to need to see the vet.
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